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[EQRG] Equestria Royal Guard

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Equestria Royal Guard






Official Website

The Equestria Royal Guard is a multigaming community based upon the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic franchise by Hasbro. Our goal is to have a close community, bonded together by common interests with a strong undertone of ponyhood and comradeship. We're looking for bronies from all walks of life that wish to fight for a cause truly worthy of tolerance, friendship and to fight towards a brighter future. Some of the features we pride ourselves upon are:

  • Constantly changing and adapting brony community
  • Website forum and live chat
  • High quality voice service (Teamspeak)
  • Expert Lore Masters
  • Many infamous artists that call the EQRG home
  • Weekly Training
  • Weekly Contests with huge prizes
  • Daily events (Movie Night, Game Night, Tactics Course etc.)
  • Sections for RP, graphic design, gaming discussions etc.

*Note: Everything is subject to change by popular demand as the clan develops, stay tuned for constant updates.
Officer Application
Officers are the EQRG’s leaders. They plan training and lead Guardscolts all over the world. This Officer Application provides an opportunity for graduates who desire a challenging management position in one of seven Officer fields. Officers cover fields ranging from communication and personnel management to finance and logistics. These motivated individuals earn their respect for helping lead the EQRG towards a brighter future.
Apply here.
General Rules
    A Guard may not flame another pony or, through inaction, allow a pony to come to flame.
    A Guard must obey the orders given to him by moderators, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
    A Guard must protect his own opinion as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.
    A Guard will not speak of or spout insults based on Race, Gender, Political view, Sexual orientation, Religion, Values, love/not love of Ponies.
    A Guard will not creating topics to start a fight.
    A Guard will only post mature material in designated areas or only to another Guard that has requested the content.
    A Guard will not post spam, including posts without significant content and careful thought.
Related to TeamSpeak:
    A Guard allow senior members and Moderators the ability to speak first.
    A Guard will not interrupt another until he or she has finished their full thought.
    A Guard will enable Push-To-Talk whenever possible.
Keep in mind that being able to post here is a privilege, not a right. If you are insulting other forum members or making the forums in any way a hostile atmosphere, you will be warned, and/or depending on severity, banned. Consider the following things when posting:

  • Is what you're saying a useful contribution? Are you trying to start a fight?
  • Has this been talked about in another thread? Possibly, in many other threads? Use the search function!
  • Is what you are about to say advocating and/or making light of criminal activities?
  • Intentionally posting false information, or making false statements.

Also, be sure to read the Code of Conduct. Those are not polite suggestions, they are codes of behavior. Discuss, disagree, politely argue, just know the limit!

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