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Money isn't everything

sandyincovesandyincove Cove, ORPosts: 1Member


I've been a member for 6 months now and  I'm a Balance lvl 90. This is a very challenging game for all ages. Wizard 101 can't make everyone happy. But the average player doesn't need to buy fancy stuff  with money Crowns, when the gold you collect can buy just as much. there are lot of things at the Bazaar to chose from. All my gear comes from waterworks quest or the Bazaar and the gear or items I get from quest I turn in for gold it's that simple and I have just as good advantage as someone with money Crowns. I have crowns but I hardly use them unless I want to use them on Henchman. The support techs are great I have had no issues getting glitches resolved. This is why I love this game so much! The forum is how I learned how to play, lots of help there too. 

So to say the wizards that buy crowns have a better advantage, is not taking full advantage of the options in the game.So sit back download the game and enjoy, Oh and by the way. I'm a disabled senior of 65 and I mastered it in less then 6 months and still playing by helping the lower lvl wizards reach the next world.Also mastering crafting and Gardening  and PVP along with training my pet still plenty to do even if you reach lvl 90 while waiting for the next world. Like to see more older players too.


  • chiggergirl1chiggergirl1 Newnan, GAPosts: 1Member

    I learned another thing about wizard101. You can buy some things in the crown shop with gold. It may cost a lot of gold but it is better then using real money.

  • Corwin_FCorwin_F FouchyPosts: 3Member

    well, i'm a kid : only a little more than 40 years old, lol ;P

    and i'm agree with Sandyincove, when i've started the game (a year and a half ago), it was on the french version where the main worlds were free (from Wizard City to DragonSpyre to follow the main quest till Malistaire fight)

    so i finished the game freely all along before i started to use Crowns to buy new areas (Crab Alley, Wysteria, Grizzleheim, Wintertusk, Celestia...) but nothing else than areas

    the whole game is playable without Crown help (i didn't buy any gear, henchman or whatever)

    then, instead of stop playing, i started other wizards (we can have 6 different wizards on an account) and finally use some Crowns (mostly to stitch gear to change look, buy rare pets i couldn't find in Hatchery, etc)

    now i'm on the original US version with a year membership and spend Crown only for fun ;P

    (yep i started all over gain on US because the french version isn't handled by KingsIsle and it's really awful but that's another discussion so let's just say i rather give my money to the real creators of the game, they diserve it ;P

    my point is, just take a membership to discover the game, it's enough : like it was said here, you can find anything you need with gold in the Bazaar and the in-game shops and vendors, you can drop good gear and pets on many bosses (even Crown stuff) and you can craft pretty good gear too (probably the best equipments in the game), and yep, the Crown shop offers many item in gold (houses, mounts, gear, objets...)

    so try out the game and think Crown later (even if you won't regret to spend some Crowns too later : there is a lot of fun stuff ;)

    a last word : there are many promotions during a year on the game, so you can also wait and buy Crowns or Crown stuff when it's less expensive

  • abbycody06abbycody06 murfreesboro, TNPosts: 1Member
    hello  i enjoy playing the game wizard 101. my brother  got me into this game  back in oct.2012 and since then i have a character which reached lvl 90  and i use her to go around to help out other wizards as well. in the meantime  i have made  2 other characters as well. i  am 52  and being  able to play  this game is adventure  for me. its making friends all over the world and having  some close friends here is a plus .  sincerely  jasmine crowheart
  • tullah13tullah13 sidney, OHPosts: 1Member

    It is true that you don't need crown items in pve.  But in pvp, wizard101 revolved around crowns.  You really do have to pay to win in pvp.

    The non-crown items just does not compete against hoard pack items and crown items.  There is no drop that can compete against gears that you buy with real money.  If you want to remain competitive in pvp, you better spend real money and get yourself good gear fast.


    Right now there is a tournament in test realm.  You pay a lot of crowns per tournament and yet Diego chooses the winner randomly.  At  least that is the observation of players since KI has not released a statement on how the winners are being chosen.  There are people who goes afk just to come back and learn that they won without doin anything. LOL.  And now, if you want to gain arena tickets quickly, all you need to do is pay more real money for the tournament and hope that Diego chooses you to be the winner.

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