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Sheep Plays TERA! A Youtube gaming series.

SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member

I am not a hardcore, experienced player. This playthrough is about having fun and enjoying the game. Join me in my adventures and I'll share what I know on the way! I've also added my own feature to the videos that can involve you if you want to!

Current Schedule

•TERA (whenever I can atm)



This is a speedthrough-packed episode as I lost most of the footage the first time I recorded. Yaaay! XP

Ep.10 - Speed Sheeping


Video Archive

FAQ Video (There is a bonus bloopers video!)
Ep.1 - A TERAble Adventure
Ep.2 - A Fresh Start
Ep.3 - Checkity Check Myself (Series feature introduced!)
Ep.4 - TERA Players, Y U NO?!
Ep.5 - The Cursed Video
Ep.6 - Holiday Special
Ep.7 - Goodbye New World

Ep.8 - Sheep Aren't Good Teachers

Ep.9 - Faeries, Faeries Everwhere (What happened to the line spacing here?! XD)

Ep.10 - Speed Sheeping


Follow me on Twitter or Facebook (links on my youtube page) to get updates and of course if you enjoy the series, subscribe to me on Youtube so you know when the next episode is out!

Thank you for your time! <3


  • PivotelitePivotelite Hamilton, ONPosts: 2,145Member Uncommon

    Nice videos, always good to see people making gaming videos, regardless of the game.


    I plan to make some TERA videos sometime soon myself.


  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member

    Thank you! :D Sometimes I think there aren't enough MMORPG videos out there in terms of Let's Plays. And it's been super fun to make as well.

    Good luck with your videos! What kind do you have in mind? :3 (Teehee, that rhymed. 8D) 

  • PivotelitePivotelite Hamilton, ONPosts: 2,145Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Sheepington Good luck with your videos! What kind do you have in mind? :3 (Teehee, that rhymed. 8D) 

     Mine will mostly just be videos regarding endgame, 3v3 PvP Arena and some of the harder dungeons.


  • mikunimanmikuniman NYPosts: 371Member Uncommon

    Great job & off to a good start! I enjoyed your dialog, it was entertaining and informative.

    Don't sell yourself short with your experience, at least you get it and dodge in this game. I recently watched a live Tera feed with a so called experienced gamer who reviews for this site and it was ridiculous to watch.  He flew around clicking on quests bulldozing into piles of mobs never blocking once as a lancer at about ½ health, sad way to show off a game to new players. 
  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member

    Thank you so much for the helpful feedback!

     I dislike it when people do that too, especially about picking up quests, since sometimes the dialogue explains why you're doing whatever task it is etc. And then people who don't read it are like "I don't know what I'm doing! :(" My usual response is "Ffffuuu! It said right there!" (Although if I'm partying with other people, I am guilty of doing this myself sometimes... XD)

    I've been trying to read out what I think is relevant but I don't want to spend the entire episode reading. XD Glad I was entertaining though! That's what I'm aiming for in the end. :3

  • gab4moigab4moi West GosfordPosts: 14Member Common

    Hi Sheepington! (or should that be Baaa! image

    I saw a link to your videos on a Tera fan forum and watched them, they are quirky, enjoyable and a lot of fun to listen to as well!  I look forward to the next one and will subscribe right now on Youtube...

    I have one main elin sorcerer (L35) and a human female archer alt, so i am very new to the game as well.

    Thanks for the vids so far and good luck and best wishes!

    Cheers form the land down under (which is not good for lag sometimes, haha!)





  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member

    Teehee! Thanks very much! :3 Glad you're enjoying it so far and thanks for the sub!

    I usually pick a magical class in these kinda games so I'm surprised at myself that I haven't given it a try yet! How are you finding the sorc class? :D And that's a shame with the lag! At least the game is usually quite good at prioritising battle, even if you do have to spend 10mins trying to pick up loot lol. D:

    Thanks again for such a nice comment! <3

  • gab4moigab4moi West GosfordPosts: 14Member Common

    My mmo experience is pretty much the original Guildwars and up to mid level Age of Conan so the sorcerer early/mid stages has been interesting.  I find the dodging timing a bit dodgy with big leaping bams, get aquashed a bit, but overall it is addictive and fun, particularly in pugs, which I have found to be very friendly and helpful in the main, and have a heap of friends from there.  I believe that at a few levels higher some major spells kick in, and man, pretty much self manageing to now, becomes much more critical.  Not sure how I'll go with endgame enchanting and grind, my current guild seems dead in the water so I may need to find an Oceanic one that fits my playtimes, although that is erratic at best due to insomniac manic playstyle!  I am what is I think termed an 'elder gamer' so some of the global chat is amusing and sometimes less than edifying, although I must admit to joining the occasional elin movie title lunacy, usually at around 3am local time, haha...

    Looking forward to Ep 4!image    

  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member

    Hey guys, Episode 4 is out! (Edited into the original post). But here's the picture that went with the video! :3 It's only lineart due to time restrictions this week, however I will be colouring it and trying to fix up a few mistakes later on and possibly adding a bg. It's Sheepiffles in Spring-time wear that I designed myself! c:

  • gab4moigab4moi West GosfordPosts: 14Member Common


    Just saw this on the K TERA, maybe we will get it here too?

    then Sheepiffles could have her own sheepy pet!



  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member

    If this doesn't happen I am going to be so heartbroken. I hope you realise the emotional responsibility you are carrying now. ;P

    (Thanks for sharing though! I really hope it does come over to our side, that'd be really cool!)

  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member

    Hey guys, no video until the 23rd of this month! Super sorry about this! >n< I briefly explain why here: clicky!

    (Also for obvious reasons I won't be able to colour the previous picture until a similar time too).

  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member

    Hey guys! I'm back from my holiday... guess who managed to have the only missing luggage out of all the passengers from two flights?! I must be so lucky. :'D Thankfully it's not completely lost and they're sending it to me tomorrow so I should still be able to upload the next episode but it might just be a little bit later in the day.

    You guys should follow me on facebook/twitter to know when these amazing things happen! 8D

  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member

    And here is Ep.6's picture! Sorry it had to be a quick one again but I originally had to make it for before I went on holiday. Hopefully you guys will still like it, I know it gave me a giggle when I drew it!

  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member

    Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in TERA videos. I've got a new video up today but it's something a little different!

    Click here!

    Don't worry, I'm still making TERA videos and I should be back on schedule now (a video up every Tuesday and Friday). Hope you still enjoy this until Ep.7 is up! :3

  • gab4moigab4moi West GosfordPosts: 14Member Common

    Yay!   image

  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member

    Hey everyone, Episode 7 was up on Friday (sorry it took a while to update the forum!) and so of course, here is the relevant picture for the Ep! It's um... something. XD

  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member
    Hello everyone! I had some irl troubles last week, so there was a Happy Wheels ep instead of the TERA one on Friday. I'll do my best to keep things on schedule. As always, follow me on facebook or twitter to know when these things happen. :3
  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member
    Hey everyone, I'm finally back with Ep.9 of TERA! Uploaded instead of Happy Wheels for a double TERA week to make up for the absence.
    I've been going through unhappy times that I'm doing my best to push through (even though life is like "Lolno, have some more bad news. You're welcome!") and I'm doing my best to keep on top of things. Sorry I've been bad with keeping on schedule but thanks so much to the people who've been understanding. I really appreciate it and it helps me get through. c: <3
  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member
    Hey everyone! Just to let you know that episode 10 is up (a few months ago...) and that I'm working on the next episode. :3 That's right, I'm not dead yet. :P Thanks to my subs for having faith sticking around this long! <3
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