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World wide World pvp World of Wushu

bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,949Member Rare

It's getting hard for me to write about AoW. The unusual and surprising has become the norm. I make friends and enemies daily, even grab a couple followers here and there. 


I play with people from England, Spain, Russia, Vietnam, China, Australia, Brasil, Canada, and who knows where else. I've even picked up a lil Viet. You f'n GA' ! Just a lil...


I was running the roof tops, just something I like to do now and then. Up the wall, flip, shoot across the road, and land softly on the next top. I saw an ally of an enemy guild. I checked the scene as us killers always do, ofcourse she didn't see me, but I saw an another person. An ally of her guild.


He was starving, loosing health from not eating. He may be afk. I didn't plan on taking the chance, but I accidently through a dart... She didn't react. Afk free kill woot! I through a couple more, and she ran in the direction of her ally. I let her go. She must have caught the direction of the darts or deduced, because she came straight up after she healed.  Let the fight begin. 


I've been kinda feeling myself lately (Thanks -Wu!), kick'n arses all over Jiangu. She was an Emei using a uncommon style. Uncommon but simple. I figured "hahah easy kill." I died. I underestimated her. Just few minutes in the World of Wushu. Off to grow some silkworms.


tl:dr - If all your mmorpg allows you to do is quest, battlegrounds, or dungeons, ask yourself while doing your daily, "Wtf for?" 



  • JinxysJinxys TinkerTownPosts: 466Member Uncommon

    You mentioned it's harder for you to write about AoW, and how the unusual has become the norm. Well I've been playing just a few days and the things i have seen and experienced in this short time has absolutely astounded me. So you can appreciate as a new player how jaw dropping it is to discover this gem of a game.  I find myself totally entranced with it. The more i play the more i realize how deep and complex it is.

    I have to admit I am quite lost, but patiently following the guides posted here and at the main site. I am just minutes away from actually buying the game.  I haven't even started to seek a guild yet. And I can't comment much on the community yet. ( aside from muting annoying gold sellers lol :P)

    "tl:dr - If all your mmorpg allows you to do is quest, battlegrounds, or dungeons, ask yourself while doing your daily, "Wtf for?""

    Yup asked myself that several times tonight already.

    I enjoyed reading your post, it was actually you and another guys post that had me try this game.



  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,949Member Rare

    It's hard to explain. I'm playing more than before. I'm losing sleep. Lastnight near the end of a 18 man raid. Wait let first say  this raid is in a instance the size of a typical mmo zone, complete with stage coaches, and about 15 bosses. It tells a story similar to "Escape From Durnholde" except on a much larger scale. 


    After literally falling alseep with my eyes open at 4am (3rd 4am night this week) I stood up w/o saying anything to anyone, and went to bed. I thought I was gonna be like one of those people we've read about that don't sleep for days when a game launches lol. I've never wanted to keep going so bad, but just couldn't. 


    I've come to expect the amazing and the unexpected. It's all over the place ALL the time. After the first few hours, AoW might just be the best mmo I've ever played. 


    Oh I have my alt wine maker selling "The finest wine in all of Chengdu." btw. He's nothing but a farmer and a wine maker. Without question you can play a crafter in AoW and do no combat.


    edit-  I think I'm gonna grab some torches and set fire to some enemy keeps this afternoon.

  • AresPLAresPL Posts: 292Member Uncommon
    15 bosses sounds like 3rd instance at hard mode, how did You like mobs dmg;p?
  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,949Member Rare
    Originally posted by AresPL
    15 bosses sounds like 3rd instance at hard mode, how did You like mobs dmg;p?

    4th I think, Longmen Inn. 


    Here's the finest wine maker in all of Chengdu!

  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,949Member Rare

    Well I couldn't burn buildings... My guild leader has to authorize "sneak attacks" whaaaatever...

    So I killed someone.

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