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Which MMORPG Games are you waiting for?

PrograssivePrograssive gerat, KYPosts: 48Member

Which? Why ? What?!


I know you are waiting more than 1 game but choose one :)



  • ScarfeScarfe londonPosts: 281Member

    currently playing: DDO, AOC, WoT, P101

  • PrograssivePrograssive gerat, KYPosts: 48Member
    I forget that lol

  • ReizlaReizla 3,879Member Uncommon

    ArcheAge for that old Lineage II (pre-Kamael) feeling

    Neverwinter is second for some good adventuring *I hope*

    Wildstar if it's only for the humor used...

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  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,695Member Rare
    Marvel Heroes .. because I like Marvel Ultimate Alliance (1 & 2).
  • pbernard1985pbernard1985 Mascoutah, ILPosts: 20Member
    you forgot wildstar :)
  • birdycephonbirdycephon Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 1,314Member
    Marvel Heroes.
  • ScarfeScarfe londonPosts: 281Member
    To be honest, the next AAA.  I have played the games I like to death, and I haven't liked much in the last couple of years.  

    currently playing: DDO, AOC, WoT, P101

  • General_Dru-ZodGeneral_Dru-Zod Unknown, CAPosts: 136Member
    Darkfall UW.. Zero percent lol


  • coretex666coretex666 PraguePosts: 2,973Member Rare
    Originally posted by Reizla
    ArcheAge for that old Lineage II (pre-Kamael) feeling Neverwinter is second for some good adventuring *I hope* Wildstar if it's only for the humor used...


  • bluebluerbluestbluebluerbluest Nashville, TNPosts: 2Member

    From the list , TESO ...

    but the next MMORPG that has me salivating at even a hint of news ( sadly, the last hint was =( ) is the World of Darkness from CCP/WOTC.

  • PrograssivePrograssive gerat, KYPosts: 48Member
    Our childs will play World Of Darkness not us lol,I'v been waiting for 2 years and what? nothin

  • AerowynAerowyn BUZZARDS BAY, MAPosts: 7,928Member
    Originally posted by Reizla
    ArcheAge for that old Lineage II (pre-Kamael) feeling Neverwinter is second for some good adventuring *I hope* Wildstar if it's only for the humor used...

    Archage for a lineage 2 feel? i played Lineage 2 for over a year starting from launch.. really no clue how you are making a comparison between the two other than the asian theme and both have castle seiges

    for me on the list all of them and Black Desert online as well

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  • PyrateLVPyrateLV Las Vegas, NVPosts: 1,096Member Common

    The Repopulation.

    Sci-Fi Sandbox FTW!

    Tried: EQ2 - AC - EU - HZ - TR - MxO - TTO - WURM - SL - VG:SoH - PotBS - PS - AoC - WAR - DDO - SWTOR
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    Following: The Repopulation
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  • Lovely_LalyLovely_Laly genevaPosts: 734Member

    to be honest, no one, my last hype was GW2, so never again. =D

    I'm looking to see how tESo will be, as still need home game.

    try before buy, even if it's a game to avoid bad surprises.
    Worst surprises for me: Aion, GW2

  • MortoriousMortorious BitolaPosts: 166Member Uncommon
    ESO my last try in mmorpgs if it's fail i retire from this genre..

    Currently playing: Elder Scrolls Online
    MMORPG experiences:EQ2, AoC(pre f2p), Lotro,GW1,DDO, Aion,WoW( stop with wotlk),Allods, GW2
    Eu,War, Secret World

    Waiting On: WoD Sometime Maybe: Elder Scrolls MMO, Might and Magic

  • fs23otmfs23otm Posts: 454Member Uncommon

    My next MMO's:



    Elder Scrolls Online


    and a sparkle of hope for the future:

    EQ Next

  • xDracxDrac EuropePosts: 196Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Reizla
    ArcheAge for that old Lineage II (pre-Kamael) feeling

    Sorry to burst your bubble but.... ArcheAge doesn't give you back that feeling.

    I know, cause I'm playing the KR release.

    Lineage 3 -
    Web & Graphic Design -

  • PrograssivePrograssive gerat, KYPosts: 48Member
    ArcheAge will be the last try for me too

  • VincerKadenVincerKaden Edison, NJPosts: 457Member Uncommon
    The Repopulation


  • benseinebenseine HaarlemPosts: 243Member Uncommon
  • CyborWolfTKCyborWolfTK anywhere, AKPosts: 77Member

    1. CU


    2. ArcheAge


    3. BLess


    4. Black Deserts

  • xevanonxevanon Montreal, QCPosts: 76Member







    I  hope that one of my choices will be my niche...

  • CecropiaCecropia Posts: 3,939Member Uncommon

    DF: Unholy Wars.

    I had such a great experience with the original and I consider it to be the second best MMORPG I have had the pleasure of being a part of. Really looking forward to UW, although Aventurine is (as usual) taking more time to get it together than I have patience image

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  • aerinndisaerinndis x, SCPosts: 67Member
    WildStar and Everquest Next.
  • DzoneDzone bowling green, KYPosts: 371Member Uncommon

    FFXIV ARR - im totally gona support 14, cause i loved ffxi played it for years and have high hopes that 14 will be just as successfull. Plus there staying true to the sub based modal, which means everyone will have everything :), well all but expantion pacts but it will totally be worth it.

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