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IP Man MMO? Also Curious about the game.

SnakexSnakex Dana Point, CAPosts: 315Member Uncommon

So i have been looking up stuff about AOW because i am  on the look for a new mmo to try out, i am downloading it right now but.

So while finding more out about the game, it reminded me of the movie IP man, not saying its a copy of IP man movie, but it was kinda cool becuase it reminded me of the movie and the essence of it. But most of the stuff i have read about AOW is, (at least thats what iv heard and read) that is what they used to do back in Martial Arts in Asia, stuff like steal or rival other schools or arts.



So now im curious, as a person that loves Sandbox's (currently playing Darkfall) I want to know

Why Not   or   Why to..  Play AOW. And my main question is, what about the longtivity? Is kiddnapping offline chars going to be fun 1 month in? Stuff like that...

Thank you for your help.


  • django-djangodjango-django ElthamPosts: 115Member


    - Wuxia theme creates a different theme for people who are sick of your typical fantasy theme.

    - Lots of freedom, and sandbox features, such as a player driven economy and guild base construction to name a few.

    - 8 different schools, without being tied down to your schools set of skills, so you can learn any skill from all schools.

    - Fantastic scenery, especially if its played on a well built PC.

    - Intriguing combat system, which offers more then just spamming skills. Heavily relies on blocking, evasive manoeuvres, flying skills and trying to read your opponent as if it were a real martial art fight.

    - Interesting crafting, the higher your blacksmithing level is, the better the items you create, which means you don't always need to spend money on the best recipes. The recipes though, do give you a much better chance at creating a higher level of course.

    - Experience cap on life skills (crafting, harvesting ect.) which will accumulate daily regardless as long as you are online once a day. This means as soon as you start a character and choose your life skills you will begin to accumulate life experience each day and can begin any life skill production or harvesting any day and still have all the exp you accumulated.

    - As a VIP player (gained after purchasing this game) you can gain cultivation points whilst offline, and level 1 skill level at a time whilst offline. This is a great feature at higher levels when it takes you 1-2 days to level 1 skill/internal level.

    Why not?

    - Not the best translations. 

    - In-game cash shop, which gives you the ability to purchase in-game money with real money (Similar to EVE online in regards to PLEX), this puts some people off.

    - Global cool-down between your skill sets (A feature that can be worked around, but may not be appealing to everyone)

    -  Bit of a learning curve to start off with, especially if are coming into this game expecting lots of in-game help, so seek out guides and get into a guild for the best insight for your character and your time in Age of Wushu.

    - Still in beta phase, so naturally it isn't a polished game, but it is expected.

    As far as longevity goes, I can see Age of Wushu lasting a good while; I have been playing for 2 months, but have slowed down for RL purposes, yet still has intrigued me more than most MMO's.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this game though and highly recommend it.

  • AresPLAresPL Posts: 292Member Uncommon
    when I am spying or kidnapping I play like I would play splinter cell, hiding in shadows/corners looking whos near, as its mmo so never know who and how many You will see on Your "trip" running on walls/water its always fun for me especially if there is some chase on roofs and it will never be boring as long as there are other ppl playing
  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,949Member Rare

    Longevity? Well I've heard more than one group of people talking about what should be in game a year and half from now. 


    Kidnaping? I stopped doing that a week into CB ;) Every once and awile if I see one that looks prime, I'll grab them, or if I see someone riding from some strange place, I'll give chase and steal the kidnap :)

  • AresPLAresPL Posts: 292Member Uncommon
    You should be ashamed Mister!!! How You can steal someone's bag:P
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