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Complete Guide to Guild Missions

kpshyaznkpshyazn Palisades Park, NJPosts: 11Member

today, guild missions are supposed to be coming out... someone already had a taste of it, apparently, and posted a guide/explanation.  It sounds pretty cool~  can't wait to get home and try this out.

the starting influence price seems a little steep - but oh well.


  • SwankyBoySwankyBoy Posts: 233Member Uncommon

    This will be fun to hit up with the guild

    The guild has over 100 members right now but not many are on that often :/

    Hopefully I can get the numbers up and start doing these quests with everyone


  • MaephistoMaephisto somewhere, DCPosts: 632Member

    It isnt a good guide unless dulfy does it.



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