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[Guides] RemXL Guides

GalidasGalidas BodoPosts: 3Member
Hello everyone
If you don't know who I am, well don't worry, nobody does.
However, I am from the official forums, I make some guides to pass my time and figured why not make some for Age Of Wushu while I was playing. And these are the result of my first month.
I figured since there weren't so many people on the forums, maybe they were on these forums where all the action is. I am also in need of a lot of feedback, so if some experienced players have good knowledge of the game and see something wrong, please tell me so that I can fix it up so that new players doesn't get lost.
My guides are still a "work in progress" as I want to experience the game and have fun. Also I am the only person making these guides so it is kind of hardwork.
I hope you check out my guides eventhough there might be a ton of guides just like mine, but we all have our different way of explaining things so maybe you will learn a thing or two.
Just remember, my guides are from the Beta of this game, and if you are playing in the release, the content may have been changed, but I will probably stay long enough to update them.
For the community.
RemXL aka Galidas.


  • GalidasGalidas BodoPosts: 3Member
    My guides now are updated for the Launch of Age of Wushu. Come take a look :)
  • theocculttheoccult Miami, FLPosts: 39Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Galidas
    My guides now are updated for the Launch of Age of Wushu. Come take a look :)


    Since you enjoy writing these guides, have you ever considered contributing to the AOW wikia?



  • GalidasGalidas BodoPosts: 3Member

    Heh, last time I was to any wikipedia site and tried to post something, I got permabanned from using their services.. I would want to which I said in one of the other topics on the official age of wushu forums.

    The entire list of market skills are free to be posted on the wiki if you like, my other works will stay on my blog :)

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