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Is Alpha Guaranteed

XcomVicXcomVic San Diego, CAPosts: 50Member
Obviously not ALL those that requested...but I was wondering how likely people will be able to play Alpha of the game? I saw that if you contributed(funded) $100.00, your chances increased for Alpha also? Can someone confirm this? I would truly enjoy trying to out in Alpha ( and don't mind paying:)


  • JC-SmithJC-Smith Chiang MaiPosts: 421Member Uncommon

    No it is not. Alpha has been kept very small. To be honest, alpha stage testing isn't as much fun as it sounds. While the games features are mostly in place at this point, the content still has a way to go to ensure that there is plenty of non-repetitive content to keep players busy, and many bugs and systems in flux. That generally doesn't equate to a smooth or fun gameplay experience. When we feel comfortable that the game is ready for more testers it will move into beta and more players will get a chance to get in.

    We're working towards that at the moment, but have a ways to go stil. In the shorter term there will be new video content coinciding with PAX East.

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