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key gives 10% off founders price

jonpirrojonpirro gahanna, OHPosts: 1Member


  • arescagearescage Philsadelphia, PAPosts: 20Member

    Nice. That key only works for 3 people though. 


    If it runs out try this one: 3109-6284-0765-9928


    This knocks 10% off even the $200 Ultimate pack.

  • theniffrigtheniffrig DublinPosts: 351Member Uncommon

    Here's mine:

    Discount Code: 9923-0564-0878-8340

    As said, this code will grant a 10% discount on any Founders Program purchase made prior to March 8th & it can be used 3 times!



  • endgame1endgame1 Chapel Hill, NCPosts: 84Member

    Here's another. 10% off all founder's packs. Only good through March 8th, can be used 3 times. 


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