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Random Stealth Idea

anemoanemo Member Posts: 1,023 Uncommon

Essentially the idea is that there are factions, but each faction sees a slightly different map.   For instance one faction will see random unpassable brush in an area, while the other will see an open passable area with an indicator(shadow, cloud, or whatever).   Obviously this same idea happens vice versa.

Doesn't even necesarily need to be factions.   It could be racial abilities, class/skill abilities, items, gear or similar.  But the core of the idea is that everyone has "stealth" areas that are accessible to them, and people not with the same kit have different "stealth" areas availiable.


So game mechanic wise this means that the 'victium' of the stealth attack will see someone coming out of brush to attack them.   So they get caught with their pants down, and probably die.  But they'll also have the ability to learn where they can be ambushed from, to make it harder for repeats of the incident. 

From the attackers stand point this means you still get to choose your battles.   You still have the advantage of a surprise.

For games PvPer vs. PvPer.  Both parties have different ways to escape to, meaning you know the easiest way to run for yourself and you enemy.   Both parties will also know where their seperate paths run to.


For PvP design this means I get to choose where ambushes will happen.   In some areas they'll be very easy, in others the attacker will be forced to spend energy on some kind of movement or range enhancement, and others you'll have to approach in plain daylight.

In a faction based game, it also means "newbie hunter" just turns themselves into prey due to having stealth options only availible to the enemy faction(and no cover for themselfs).  Likewise I can adjust how much PvPer will 'naturally' happen in high level areas by the same concept(IE lots of cover for one faction, to very little for the other).

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