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The best resource for ToA info

ChochChoch Stamford, CTMember Posts: 157

Here it is. Everything you need to know about ToA. The website owner/maker did an amazing job creating this site and I use it all the time. I think it does a fantastic job giving you all the info you need and in a really cool way!




  • PsiKahnPsiKahn Woodside, NYMember Posts: 126
    Being able to search for developer quotes from the "library" section is really useful.
  • ChochChoch Stamford, CTMember Posts: 157


    Just bumping this up so that new/wandering people can see it and really ready more about the games features!


    Check it out if you are new and really learn about the features. You'll be hooked!

  • ChochChoch Stamford, CTMember Posts: 157


    FYI - lots of new screenshots added. A lot of great shots, check it out when you guys get a chance.

  • ParinoidPandaParinoidPanda Tacoma, WAMember Posts: 21

    The Whispering Moon is a good site, but Ildefonse has moved most of the info that's there over to the new ToA wiki:


    Highly recommend using the wiki from now on.

    If my undead panda's don't get you...

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