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Things from UO/DAOC/WAR/GW2 I hope make it into CU

vakabielvakabiel marblehead, OHPosts: 12Member

Things I enjoyed about Ultima Online:

-  The Book where you could mark the location and return to it.  I had many secret locations for buying items and entry into dungeons, etc that most people didn't even know about in the game.

-  Using skills and gaining skill in those skills shaped the way my character was created.  I had a 7xGM mage with taming and a deadly poisoned katana and I did amazingly well in pvp.

-  The housing and 100% created player cities with the law dealt out by the citizens.  It made it dangerous, social and exciting.

-  The ability to tame some of the craziest creatures in the game... I had a few dragons and white wyverns and they were awesome.  Even more so that I could command them to fight for me.


Dark Age of Camelot:

- RvR and just about everything about it.  

-  I loved the realm pride, I love the All calls and defending the relics.  

-  I love running together with strategic groups and the hit and run tactics we used.

-  I loved the true feeling of exploring and discovering things without something tell me what to do or where to go on quests.  I ran into a giant in the salisbury plains that stomped my guts out... laughed... and then formed a party to come slay it.  AWESOME memories!

-  I loved the housing for the most part - people soon became well known as the place to go for certain commodities and it was a neat feeling.

- the guild banners hanging from keeps... we knew when we saw a certain banner on a castle that we were in for the fight of our life to try and take it and we loved the challenge.

- not having an auction house was great!

- Darkness Falls was fun!



- I liked that you could pvp at any level and it would adjust your stats so you could do it without getting killed in one shot.

- I enjoyed the open RvR in WAR because it was in some way an improved RvR experience from DoaC but not the way we all wanted it to be.


Guild Wars 2:


- I like a lot of the improvements they made on the RvR experience from the resource control points to the layout of the map with multiple point of advantage and even the outmanned buff and things like that... I just wish the endgame was better for RvR.

- I like the idea of a guild progression system and using the things you earn from that to get bonuses in the RvR world.

- I like how they handled crafting and how you had to go gather everything for the most part.  Crafting was fun in GW2 and placed well within the environment.

- I liked how you could go out and join the big boy RvR at a very low level without having battlegrounds like in DaoC.  I think this was the best of both worlds.



Vakabiel Veredus

Officer of Dusk till Dawn (former member of the Titan Alliance in GW2)

Member of Dementia for DaoC on Albion Guinevere and Co-Founder of Illuminati

Member of the Red Dragons & Kewl Frenz Guild in Ultima Online Lake Superior


  • SmorakSmorak Saint Petersburg, FLPosts: 62Member
    Originally posted by vakabiel
    - Darkness Falls was fun!

    No PVE=No DF

    Unless you want a dungeon where people just run around like a circular arena and PVP.  And, ultimately, they draw the population of open RVR down.  Oh wait, DAoC had that, too.  It was called Labby.

  • fanglofanglo Virginia, VAPosts: 295Member Uncommon
    There was also the dungeon in NF which you could use to go from 1 realm to another. I remember there was this BD duo that would camp the entrance and kill people coming in.

    I healed Mistwraith and all I got was this stupid tee-shirt!

  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 1, NJPosts: 6,690Member
    I hope it isn't like any of those games except I would not mind a sprinkle of  UO in there.
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