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Indiana Jones and Issue 6

OrtwigOrtwig Cambridge, MAPosts: 1,163Member Uncommon

Looks like Issue 6 is going to be channeling Indiana Jones big time (due beginning of March).  Looks good!  :)

Last Train to Cairo

  • Major new storyline and new missions in the Scorched Desert
  • Whip auxiliary weapon 
  • 10-main raid-level boss fight summoned using a relic from the Lairs
  • Veteran and Recruitment system
  • PvP ranking, XP and outfits


  • gwei1984gwei1984 ViennaPosts: 409Member Uncommon

    Yay, a new issue :)


    Cant waiT!


  • SevenwindSevenwind Somewhereville, TXPosts: 2,182Member Uncommon

    If we get to go on a train ride that will be awesome! If the train is just sitting there which I suspect it is I'll be a little disappointed.

    Still, it is an awesome theme and the cover art is well done. March will be fun.

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  • Agent_JosephAgent_Joseph Posts: 1,221Member Uncommon
    omfg, it is awesome,cant wait....

    only EVE is real MMO...but I am impressive with TSW

  • WillyMMORPGWillyMMORPG Texarkana, TXPosts: 78Member Uncommon

    All the tasty stuff in the OP.




    They gave us the almighty FEZ in the item store!!




    I loved the link someone from Funcom (moderator or employee, not sure which, they had the "official" background on post) posted of their new outfit -- Fez + kitty smile face t-shirt + bunny slippers. Run into that person in London you'd have to tell them "I don't remember your name, but I never forget a FEZ".


  • dancingstardancingstar LeedsPosts: 353Member Uncommon

    Preview of new costume coming with Issue 6 (probably available with mission reward tokens of some kind):

    Also Joel has teased us with mentions of a "snake charmer" cash shop outfit (TSW forum is on the blink at the moment so I can't link the post).

  • IcewhiteIcewhite Elmhurst, ILPosts: 6,403Member
    Nuking the Fridge so soon?

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  • EhllfhireEhllfhire Sacramento, CAPosts: 608Member Uncommon
    So how many months are we going to have to wait for our next monthly update?

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  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,653Member Rare

    "The vicious Whip can be used  ...  for buffing your team. Use the Whip to encourage your team mates to run faster"


  • FromHellFromHell NY, NYPosts: 1,311Member

    awesome, team mate whipping :)) need to have that

    whip for the win

    Secrets of Dragon?s Spine Trailer.. ! :D

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