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Its a shame they nerfed AC2 mob's alot after LEGION'S was launche back in 2005d:(

First of all i keep playing don't worrie game is still great.

But what i remember was you just could not grind mobs without healers, for example cp or cp outside with waraths it was alot harder as i remember back then, same for dungeon black farah for example was alot harder.

Not to mention Chaos Eidelon rediculous EASY i remember even bloodstone adds made alot victems, its piece of cake a walk in th park WAY TO EASY :(

Or its doubfull if it was still as difficult as before legions you could hunt with group of 8 on KNORR with no healer and players 58-59 plus few 60-67 players mobs lvl70-80 kill them fast and rarely die even with ADD'S.

Prolly majority won't agree, but i realy wish it was not so easy to grind as it is now most area's you can hunt with 6 without healer avarage 5 lvls higher as group is.

We did yesterday hunt with 1x61, 1x62, 1x63 and rest around 57 7 players no healer in the fellow killing spirit tonk mob lvl66 we all know have a mean aoe and range attack only ones few died becouse a add was aggroed.

Not much challenge in the game its all way to easy, but as i said still great game wish it was just harder to kill mobs and must have healer.


  • ValkanisarValkanisar HomeTown, ONPosts: 494Member Common
    i will be subbing on friday...i alway pick a healer so that is what ill do...just hope people still want a healer to group with....i dont play anything but healers and i really want to get back into this game again for sure...
  • GroovyFlowerGroovyFlower RdamPosts: 1,245Member

    Debuffers and DD plus range and your set hunting myself at ramparts for passed few weeks lvl67-72 mob area.

    Healers still very usefull tanks also but there not so must have classes as they where needed before legions game has being nerfed alot for casuals:(

    Still awesome game none the less.

  • SpiritofGameSpiritofGame Priest River, IDPosts: 1,329Member Uncommon

    I just resubbed for AC1 so I could play the AC2 beta.

    I also like to play healers ... feels like I am helping out the group a lot and there is always plenty of DPS and few healers.

    Anyway ... downloading the client now, so I may play this evening but remembering that Season 4 of THE WALKING DEAD premieres tonight!

    Been waiting a long time for The Walking Dead to come back -- and AC2 for that matter.  image

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