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Healing! New info from the devs

RoughshodRoughshod Kansas City, MOPosts: 16Member

Ruptured kidneys, gaping lacerations, and a fractured skulls - Oh my!

A new features article was posted yesterday that covers the healing system for Trials of Ascension.

The brief run down:

  • Healing will be seperated into 2 forms:  (1) loss of hit points  and (2) critical wounds.  
    • Healing loss of hit points can be done in the form of bandaging, possibly more as discovered by innovation over time.
    • Critical wounds come in 4 types:
      • Organ
      • Flesh
      • Bone
      • Infections
    • Each critical wound type will have a skill and a subset of techniques the player can use to attempt to heal them.
  • If you are injured, you will need to find another (hopefully) trained player who has the skill to heal you.
  • Healing cannot occur in combat.
Check out the full article here:



  • ChochChoch Stamford, CTPosts: 157Member


    Healing is definitely going to be interested in ToA and I can't wait. Every aspect of this game is vastly different compared to mainstream MMO's today and it's amazing.


    They should be releasing a podcast coming up talking about structures which should be awesome too

  • PsiKahnPsiKahn Woodside, NYPosts: 126Member

    There sure won't be no spamming Minor Heal.  I expect that a lot of players who do much in the way of exploring or combat will wanna train up in some basic first aid skills to reduce downtime and risk of death.  But few specialists out there will probably be able to make a pretty penny fixing the more serious injuries.

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