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Dungeons & Dragons Online: Return to Gianthold Goes Live

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,963MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Dungeons & Dragons Online players will want to head into the game to check out the newly revamped Gianthold zone of the game. In addition to updated quests, players can now take on the area on Heroic difficulty to add more challenge to their gameplay experience.

Epic Gianthold

In the all-new Epic difficulty, Gianthold is under siege by dragons under the leadership of The Truthful One.  In an effort to save his people, the Stormreaver escapes from imprisonment and returns to confront his ancient nemesis. Learn the truth of the draconic prophecies and put a stop to The Truthful One’s plans once and for all!

Read the full Update 17 notes on the Dungeons & Dragons Online site.



  • kisagekisage harwich, MAPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    I couldnt even get past the launcher to even play the game again it kept coming up with a 417 expectation error and their way of fixing the problem doesnt work at all so im stuck i tried some of my own ways to get it to work and still no good :( :( :(
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