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Awesome ESO Music Video!

EpicGamerWorldEpicGamerWorld Houston, TXPosts: 1Member

I love ESO so much I decided to make a music video promoting it!

Had lots of fun making this, I hope everyone enjoys it! The song was written and produced by me. I need some help with some catchy lines for my next song, if anyone has any good or funny ideas post them here and I'll give you credit for them if I use em.



  • KaeriganKaerigan None Of Your BusinessPosts: 689Member

    So awesome you gotta comment on your own video, huh?

    <childish, provocative and highly speculative banner about your favorite game goes here>

  • MaephistoMaephisto somewhere, DCPosts: 632Member

    no no no, you don't get off that easily.

    To the top with you.

    This is the type of content this community deserves. 

    I think you should post all 29 songs to this forum so we could discuss the awesomeness of each track individually.

    good job sir.


  • Goll25Goll25 bath, PAPosts: 187Member Uncommon
    dat viral marketing technique 
  • MaephistoMaephisto somewhere, DCPosts: 632Member

    Do you know what sucks???

    If this video goes viral, the author will get into beta testing and I will not. 



  • ElikalElikal ValhallaPosts: 7,912Member Uncommon
    Sigh, this better not be Rick Astley again...

    People don't ask questions to get answers - they ask questions to show how smart they are. - Dogbert

  • mari3kmari3k erger, AKPosts: 135Member

    Step in the arena and break the wall down

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