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Post Patch 1.6 - LVL 50 PvP Gear Progression Guide

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Hey there everyone, I recently resubbed just because PvP has changed quite a bit since I left in 1.4. But now I'm back and excited to start PvP'in again and check out the new gear and builds. So, with all this new info I decided to update my old gearing guide video and I came up with this new video, so if your a fresh 50 looking to PvP come check out my gearing guide:


LvL 50 Gear Progression Guide:


I also create MMO, Let’s Play, and Walkthrough Guide Content on my gaming channel as well, check it out! I just Like to make gaming videos, been gaming all my life, but I’m definitely new to making LP’s and Stuff so hopefully my contents good enough for you all.

My Youtube Channel:


Would Love to hear feedback either on the channel or here if you like or dislike the commentary!

Thanks For Watching!


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