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A suggestion to Brand-New Frontier

VargurVargur OsloPosts: 143Member Common

Assuming that CU gets into production, I hope attention is made to the frontier areas. One of the slight annoyances with DAoC was the fact that Hibs and Albs invaded Midgard, which never happened historically. Now, I know this is a game, but hopefully this can be addressed. If looking historically at the Danish invasion of England, they quickly conquered Northumbria and held it for a long period of time, so why not use this as a starting point for frontier design?

Let the Vikings hold Northumbria/northern England as their "homeland"/starting point, King Arthur Pendragon (not the Great) holds Wessex/southern England, and the Celts ally themselves with the Welsh (not historically accurate, but would work in this case). This would leave Mercia/central England as the main battleground.

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