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is running instances the most efficient way to lvl up my healer?

evdaezevdaez nocityPosts: 127Member Uncommon

currently, im a lvl 45 mystic, idk if it is just me but i found that doing yellow quest, story quest being an exception here, takes too much of my time with too little experience. My thrall of protection does crap dmg, my dots just tickles monster and 2 of my aoe spell hits for laughable amount of damage.

I saw slayers around my lvl they could just lure 3-4 groups of mobs and destroy them whereas im left to run instance to gain lvls faster or to pt up with people who happen to have the same quest as me(that rarely happens). Not that im complaining bout running instances(it gives good gears) but on the 20th run, it gets a bit dull lol which brings me to the next question.

I had some people ingame recommending me to grind bams and some people telling me to skip bam q, so whose telling the truth here? lol. Will i need to pt up more when i hit 50s? Cause i heard above 50s, gaining lvls would be much tougher or do i just need to stick to the tried and tested method of using `instance matching` till i ding 60?

Thanks for reading and for your replies.



  • Reas43Reas43 New York, NYPosts: 297Member

    IMO doing quests, and specially including all storylines quests is the most efficient way to go about it.  Dungeon XP really is not all that great with the exception of storyline quests that take you to some dungeons.  Those can award some sick XP and free gold quality gear.

    As a Mystic by far the best option is to find a leveling buddy.  Nothing beats a leveling buddy.

    Keep your eye on Area chat and see if people are grouping for BAMs in your zone and offer to heal.  Once you group for those BAMs ask if anyone would like to keep grouped for other area quests.  If you see someone in the area killing similar mobs as you you can also ask them.  Trust me, having a Mystic with Aura of the Tenacious and of the Swift up around is always a treat.  And not having any healing downtime is a plus.

    For yourself don't waste time trying to solo BAMs its much too slow. 

    Try and stack  Hunter's Crystals on your weapon (red's with increased damage to normal monsters) and stack Stalwart "decrease damage from normal monsters" (blues) on your chest piece.  Then get two Glyph setups on your character (you can have up to 5) use one for dungeons and another for soloing.  The soloing glyph setup should include extra damage for Metamorphic Blast, shortened cooldown for Metamorphic Smite and extra damage to Sharan Bolt.  Curses at present don't scale too well and now you're in your 40's.

    For dungeons make sure you have an extra target for Arun's Cleansing Touch, an extra target and extra reach for Titan's Favor, extra duration for Titanic Wrath, shortened CD on Vow of Rebirth and make it "Altruistic" if you can spare the points.  Also in dungeons there's no need for the Thrall of Protection.  Just Thrall of Life and in some choie moments Thrall of Wrath.  But try to stay out of combat for mana regen. 

    Also in dungeon groups you want your crystals to be different.  Make the reds be 1 swift, and the rest Brilliant or Cunning.  the blues make one Fleetfoot (and try to remain out of combat), one Warding and the rest Anarchic.



    *** One final note, as fun as they are - Mystics are the slowest leveling class in the traditional sense and arguably, along with Warrior, one of the two toughest to play skillfully.  So if you can do it with a Mystic, you can do it with anything.

  • evdaezevdaez nocityPosts: 127Member Uncommon
    thx for the advice reas, i appreciate it :)


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