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Paying doesnt mean winning

SQTOSQTO victoria, BCPosts: 188Member


  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,278Member Uncommon

    Gonna read the article in a sec. I was gonna post something similar in title lastnight. Guild War for land lastnight with my new guild.


    We were not being attacked but we were defending guild allies. I forget who we were defending, but my guild Shinobi along with Goontang, and Longshot were their allies. The attacking guild I wont even mention their name, they do not deserve it. 


    I remember the opositions guild leader when he first started. He was running carts, and I was robbing them. I offered the guy to let him run his carts if he paid me 20L, good deal imo ;). Instead he bought protection. Good move imo, protection offered a better price. 


    Fast forward 2 weeks later. This guy is fully geared capped 2nd internal, with GCC hell mode skills. Plus he has an alt who is 1st internal capped now too. Oh and a shitty lil guild. Over those 2 weeks he has acted a complete ass. He made many enemies. I knew he had no chance during the guild war. He did too.


    At the start oif the war he offered to pay the Goontang learder 15Ding to betray the alliance and attack us. The Goontang leader said. I will take the 15Ding and attack Shinobi, but I can not speak for all of us. 


    The battle began, if you want to call it that. 200+ Shinobi, Goons, and Longshots vs 20 of the rag tag bunch he was able to buy. We slaughter them. Now his guild is PK on site by a LOT of people. Low levels w/e PK on site, while telling them to leave their guild. 


    Good luck paying to win in Wushu.

  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,278Member Uncommon
    Very truthful article. Sure you can buy some gains, but those gains are for a very short time.
  • SQTOSQTO victoria, BCPosts: 188Member
    Originally posted by bcbully
    Very truthful article. Sure you can buy some gains, but those gains are for a very short time.

    I like the article because he backs up what he says which is something lacking from the people crying that the game is pay 2 win.

     I think that pay 2 win is a term like sandbox where every one has their own definition of what it means.

    Also I believe that there are people who just really don’t understand how AoW works and then on top of that some stereotyping from it being an Asian game.

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