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The Blackhearts--An Aldmeri Dominion PVP/PVE Guild!

HetzauHetzau shallotte, NCPosts: 4Member

The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his.
- General Patton

The Blackhearts is a friendly and social guild focused on working to defeat our enemies and take back that which is rightfully ours.

We do not restrain our members from pursuing their interests and we cater to all. Roleplaying, PVE, PVP, crafting, etc is all more than welcome within our ranks.

We do have PVP as a high focus. We will take the war to our enemies door steps and knock them into oblivion.

What we are looking for in our members:

- Dedication - Our members must be committed to the ideals of our guild, which are to have fun at all costs. As soon as the game becomes work it is no longer fun.

-Loyalty - Yes you can have multiple guilds in ESO, but we don't like being second best! =)

-Be the best that you can be. - If you want to be an archer, assassin, warrior, or mage be the best that you can. There might come a time where you might have a fellow Blackhearts life and your hands and if you are weak you cannot save him or her. 

Please come take a look at our website! You will not be disappointed!


  • MaxJacMaxJac Another Dimension, CAPosts: 185Member

    Someone likes Nathan Long.


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