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Anyone know if you have to have Steam to play this game

SpankthetoadSpankthetoad Aurora, ILMember Posts: 80

Just wondering if you need Valve's Steam to play this game.  I have a new computer and i have not played anything with steam running in the background for a long time.  I have know idea what my password and such is anymore lol.




  • ReklawReklaw Am.Member Posts: 6,495 Uncommon

    Don't know if it's going to be on Steam but perhaps this might help to retrieve your info:


  • SpankthetoadSpankthetoad Aurora, ILMember Posts: 80

    Thanks for the Help :)



  • poweruopoweruo MallingMember Posts: 30 Uncommon
    highly doubt you need steam to play ESO. People thought you would need Origin to play Star Wars the old republic but thank god we didnt.
  • DAS1337DAS1337 Member Posts: 2,482 Uncommon
  • CrazyhorsekCrazyhorsek LisboaMember Posts: 270 Uncommon

    I'm guessing you wont NEED steam, but I hope is featured there since all TES games are... plus is a platform that makes it easier for company to address a large community. It makes sense to be featured on steam.

    I dont remember the last time I bought a physical copy of a game... not even for ps3 anymore, I always download it.

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