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Animosity recruiting (NA Based)

YosharaYoshara OKC, OKPosts: 5Member
What is Animosity?
Animosity is a large community of individuals who have a similar interest: Playing Video Games
What does Animosity have to do with Archeage?
Animosity is branching out into the world of Archeage and looking to make a footprint in the sand.
That's nice...So why did you post here?
To Find like-minded individuals of course!
Animosity is currently looking for players to join us in Archeage. We are a community of gamers who play various games and have added Archeage to that list and now all we need is you! We want to hit the ground running in Archeage and cut out a piece of the game for ourselves. We welcome all types from Pirates to Builders to Explorers. We will need all types to be the best. By now I am sure you are thinking what can Animosity offer me? Well that's easy. First off we are a community that plays more games than just Archeage. Currently our active divisions are League of Legends and Guild Wars 2 as well as we have small interest groups playing TERA, Star Conflict, Firefall, Minecraft, etc. Not only this but we are family friendly community as I am a family man myself. You will also have the ability to shape the future of our Community within Archeage. On top of all this we are creating a streaming group just for Archeage so you might get famous. You never know! =)
We also have a good amount of Aussie players for those in the Oceanic looking to get their hands on Archeage.
Now there are a couple of catches here but nothing too horrible.
1. Teamspeak for communication is a must.
2. A minimal amount of interaction within the forums is required.
2.1. Introduce yourself on our forums! We would love to get to know you.
3. Be age 18 or older
4. You have to try the beef.
If you have any specific questions about the community you can contact me a couple of ways.


  • Turbo989Turbo989 RSM, CAPosts: 8Member

    Hello everyone!  I am a Co-Division leader with Syana here.  I welcome all to come and visit our guild and hang out with us on Teamspeak to play some games together to get a better feel for the guild.




  • Nemesis7884Nemesis7884 ZurichPosts: 988Member Uncommon
  • Howdy fellow gamers.


    Dark here, 1 of 3 leaders from Animosity. Good to meet you all.

    Animosity is recruiting for Archeage, I know exciting right? Anyway if you want to be apart of not just a guild but a community of like minded gamers then Animosity is the place for you. If you think you have what it takes then sign up today.


    We do have one more rule our great Yoshara forgot to mention (oh dear!) we are a community of 18+ gamers. Please consider the rules before you apply.


    That's it from me

    Peace out and do try the beef


  • ZhestZhest Methuen, MAPosts: 1Member

    Another leader here checking in. Feel free to send any of us PMs for more info.


    Also make sure you check out our site. We have a great member base full of skillful players. We are looking forward to tearing up Archeage.


    <3 Zhest

  • TheScoxTheScox Riverview, MIPosts: 5Member Uncommon

    May I add, I highly recommend Animosity as a gaming community. You will find that all the players are skilled players as well as good friends and a tight group.

    Peace out ~ Scox

  • HoliceHolice Bradenton, FLPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    Hello everyone.

    I am the last but not least of the 3 guild leaders. We have great expectations for our Archeage division and our game leaders, Yoshara and Dattebayo, are both excellent and experienced gamers. Stop by our website and check us out.

  • YosharaYoshara OKC, OKPosts: 5Member
    Hey everyone, just checking in over here. Hope everyone is doing great. Still excited about AA XD
  • kryllenkryllen Home, MAPosts: 26Member

    Good bunch of people I've known for a while now - solid core group of gamers with a good attitude at it all.



    We The Few - Gaming Nomads: Rants, Ravings, Reviews and Randomness
    Kryllen / Cup - Alb/Palo
    Seires - Gaheris and Mid/Kay
    Phoxx/Phsxx - Mid/Ywain

  • HoliceHolice Bradenton, FLPosts: 116Member Uncommon

    With the game still far off, it's very pleasant to see our applications start to roll in at this time. Definitely stop by and get to know us pre-launch, as it always makes the teamwork better and the game more enjoyable when you know your guildies!

  • YosharaYoshara OKC, OKPosts: 5Member
    I encourage everyone to check us out - we players rolling in to see the launch of AA.
  • YosharaYoshara OKC, OKPosts: 5Member
    So excited for AA you can't even believe.
  • HoliceHolice Bradenton, FLPosts: 116Member Uncommon
    We've had some good applicants over the past few weeks who are already showing good involvement. While we are awaiting launch, we have members playing many games including League of Legends, ToR, Minecraft, and quite a few others. Getting involved with a guild this early really makes launch better so I highly suggest taking a few moments to get to know us.
  • AmemaitAmemait Abu DhabiPosts: 8Member

    Ironfield checking in and to add to the voices of support for Animosity.

    If you're looking for a new guild for the impending launch of Archeage hit us up.


    "Only the dead have seen the end of war". Plato

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