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Runescape 2007 is happening.

dmartinationdmartination ogden, UTPosts: 25Member

I haven't been into runescape for years, but I was waiting for a remake of the game from a group. Jagex shut that group down. But they just announced a yesterday that they might bring back a 2007 version of the game(earliest revision they have as a back up). They ust need votes. Well what do you guys think?


  • dmartinationdmartination ogden, UTPosts: 25Member
  • TribeofOneTribeofOne Wellford, SCPosts: 1,006Member Uncommon
    i only became aware of Runescape within the lat year or so. How is Runscape 2007 different than Runescape today?
  • pmw4friendpmw4friend lawrenceville, GAPosts: 63Member
    I really don't remember but I could tell you that there where at list 5.times more ppeople playing it because of the 2007 servers
  • dmartinationdmartination ogden, UTPosts: 25Member
    runescape in 07 were the original graphics(not classic). Before EoC. Before Grand exchange. Before micro transactions> it was the prime of the game. Think of it as the prime of WoW(Vanilla,bc)
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