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New Marvel Fan Community/Clan

kaine621kaine621 Merced, CAPosts: 1Member


Marvelites is a new community site for marvel fans. It's still in its early stages right now, but there's already forum sections set up for most things marvel such as: comics, tv/films, and of course marvel related video games.


Here are some features you can expect in the future:

-Giveaways for things like itunes gift cards(WoH), FB game cards (Avengers Alliance), etc. (given that enough donations come in)

-A site kept up to date with marvel related news (weekly comics list, new games info, etc)

-A community full of Marvel fans

-A pretty site to look at (in the works)


We will be looking for mods in the near future for different sections of the site, so keep your eyes peeled for more info. For now, it would be fantastic if anyone that's interested could register and take a look around. Don't hesitate to post around!


I'm looking for some volunteers that are interested in mod positions for the forum soon, so please message me there if you're interested :]

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