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Wizard101: Pack-a-Palooza Contest Winners Announcement!

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYPosts: 6,164Administrator Rare

We received an astonishing amount of entries from Wizard101 fans in our Pack-a-Palooza contest, but unfortunately, we only had 18 prize packs to give away. Who were the lucky winners? Read on to find out!




















Congratulations to all of our winners!



Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB



  • goatgirl23goatgirl23 Amarillo, TXPosts: 2Member
    Wanted to thank you guys for offering this contest! I don't usually buy much outside of the membership so this was a fantastic surprise! THANK YOU :D
  • camillebrianna45camillebrianna45 Corona, CAPosts: 3Member
    aw well ok thanks for the opportunity :) maybe next time
  • The-NativeThe-Native -, MOPosts: 2Member
    Congrats to the winners! This was quite a generous offer, it's awesome to see so many players participating C:
  • shivam705312shivam705312 Oakdale, CAPosts: 1Member

    congrats everyone i wish i won but o well i will try next time


  • tigi3344tigi3344 Peoria, AZPosts: 2Member
    really wish i had a bone dragon cause i'm death congratz to all ya'll winners out there
  • jj3210jj3210 north platte, NEPosts: 2Member
    Congrats to all u guys who won
  • wizardfan_wizard101wizardfan_wizard101 El Monte, CAPosts: 2Member
    i really wanted to win but, congratz to all of you who won.
  • sumdumguy1sumdumguy1 A galaxy far far awayPosts: 1,063Member Uncommon

    lol this is amazing.  Warned them of cheating and lo and behold my nephew and both of his friends won.


  • mkoirala123mkoirala123 1, TXPosts: 3Member
    I wish I had won but what happened happened do what.
  • mkoirala123mkoirala123 1, TXPosts: 3Member
    And good hod to whoever won
  • DauzqulDauzqul Detroit, MIPosts: 1,526Member Uncommon
    Winners of eveyr contest should be listed like this.
    4ft Gaming Mouse Pad -
  • JoshuaStormBladeJoshuaStormBlade Brooklyn, NYPosts: 2Member
    My siblings and I are upset that we did not win, but congrats to the winners!
  • tripped84tripped84 brawley, CAPosts: 2Member
    Congrats winners :)! Thanks for the contest as well :D
  • darkrider475darkrider475 Tacoma, WAPosts: 2Member
    OMG  I just got my email with the code I have never won anything like this before   thank you thank you I am so excited I have none of the mounts yet or pets I am doing my Happy Dance )()()())()())()))()()())((()((     see you in wizard 101 or pirates 101 later tonight      Saffron Sanddreamer or Impish Ivy Nightengale  
  • alexb611alexb611 oceanside, CAPosts: 2Member
    Thank you so much for choosing us for a winner in this contest! My daughter and I love playing and have been trying to win these mounts thru packs and were unsuccessful. So no never win anything to win this great prize is so awesome! Again thank you so much for making a family extremely happy :)
  • chillydomchillydom WellingtonPosts: 3Member

    Congratz to all the winners, i hope you enjoy your prizes. It would have been awesome to have won but unfortunetly i didnt. Thank you to all the people who had to read all the comments, it must have been a chore! Congrats alexb611 i read your comment and i really think you deserve those prizes.


    Thank you for reading this, bye.

  • chillydomchillydom WellingtonPosts: 3Member
  • tat_i_anatat_i_ana 625 Oneawa StreetPosts: 2Member
    congrats to all u winners!
  • voltragonvoltragon SydneyPosts: 2Member
    congrats, lucky winners. all those who didn't win ... we'll get another chance :p
  • Abbigail623Abbigail623 Traverse City, MIPosts: 2Member

    Yeah it was hard for them to randomly choose their winners out of thousands of entries.

    Although I didn't win this time, neither with the Gingerbread one. I'm still looking forward to more contests and other stuffs and try my luck, maybe.


    Well congratulations to all the winners.



  • staceyfosterstaceyfoster childersburg, ALPosts: 1Member
    all these cheaters that chearted shouldnt have win and w101 should do something about it i have to account on here and pay every month and these cheaters might not even have a account so w101 dosomething to stop all this
  • sonicducksonicduck dav, FLPosts: 2Member
    ive still never won a single contest in my life and i enter all of them :( id give up but i bet if i do i would win that one contests hate me lol XD
  • Belgrim101Belgrim101 Ravenwood, MDPosts: 2Member
    I will be submitting a complaint to   This fansite did a terrible job administering this contest, from the neverending scrolling just to post an entry, to the multiple account spam, to the cheating.
  • IsawaIsawa Middle 0 Nowhere, ORPosts: 1,051Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Belgrim101
    I will be submitting a complaint to   This fansite did a terrible job administering this contest, from the neverending scrolling just to post an entry, to the multiple account spam, to the cheating.

    Must be new to the site, because there is no need to never end scroll lol. Can click reply. Multiple account spam is always a problem with things like this though...

  • thelegend666thelegend666 kathmanduPosts: 2Member



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