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QUESTIONS! About ''The Pure uber computer of uberness!'' :D

KrelianKrelian GöteborgPosts: 384Member Uncommon

Here are the system specs of the computer that im having built right now;

The System itself

Intel Core i7-3930K - 12 trådar

2x ASUS GeForce GTX 690 4GB

2x Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 16GB DDR3 1600MHz

Samsung SSD Pro Basic 840-Series 256GB

Seagate Intern Barracuda 3TB (64MB / 7200RPM)


Corsair Cooling Hydro H100

Corsair PowerSupply (PSU) HX1050 1050W 80+ Gold

Asus Intern Blu-Ray Brännare BW-12B1ST

Asus Xonar D1

Corsair Obsidian 550D (kab)


Operative System etc

Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit OEM Svensk



Razer Naga Epic Wireless Mouse

Qped Inet Musmatta Taurus Ed.


I have already got

2 good screens (one of them asus 3d vision 2, and the other samsung 2500x something resolution yada yada), and a logitech g19 as well as a razer nostromo/xbox wireless gamepad for pc, Creative Headset Tactic3D Omega, and logitech 5.1 sound system etcatera.




1- AN EXTRA 120 GB SSD disk (samsung, JUST LIKE THE ONE MENTIONED ABOVE, ONLY smaller in diskspace; PURELY for the Operative System installation)? Would 120 gigs be enough?

I know my question sounds wierd, but the thing is, the longer I keep my PC around, the more the windows files (usually installed at c: on an SSD) take space, because of a) TEMPORARY FILES (can be cleaned/deleted) b) GENERAL programs, and games whatever that install files/folders IN C: ,  EVEN IF THEY ARE actually installed on a larger D: / E: / whatever drive).

2- Windows 8 64 = gamer friendly or not? Since im buying a new computer, I think I might as well go with the new operative system (an investment in the future, since PROBABLY and err, naturally, microsoft is going to (eventually) phase out win7 for win8 thinking of possible new direct x varians and so on ? ).. BUT when I google it, I hear some bad things about windows 8.,,,

Has it been patched enough, yet? :D

.....what would u guys recommend?

3- The processor: I haven't kept up with the times, and dont know much about todays processor market....

Is the Intel Core i7-3930K a good choice for a computer setup like this (as mentioned above) or would you recommend something else within the same price range?

EXAMPLE; As in............Intel Xeon E5-1650............any advantages over the CPU that I have already chosen?

4- The Sound Card: Im certain that I don't want to go with the built-in onboard (realtek) soundcard, but for an expensive system like this, do you guys think the asus sound card that I wrote above is ''enough'' ? Would I get any better performance OR sound quality at all IF I had gone with a more expensive soundcard?

5- Anti-Virus: Im thinking of going with Eset Nod 32 (whats it called?) I used to use it like about 3 years ago (for a while) and I was pleased by its performance (as in it didnt seem to hamper my computer much when running in ''silent mode'' or whatever its called. BUT IS IT ANY GOOD TODAY? Would you recommend something else?


Extra questions:

1- Razor Naga Epic Wireless: I have read a few reviews online, but asking here too wouldnt hurt, i guess (since im already bombarding you with questions) Do you guys have same or any variants of this gaming mouse? Are you happy with your purchase?

1- Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 - Elite: any1 has any experience with this keyboard? Would you recommend it over my g19 for any specific reason?

2- GAMES! : What games would you recommend that I could run in order to truly appriciate the capabilities of this computer? MMO, Single Player, you name it! (just not sports games, pls, I dont really like them very much, I prefer working out / weight lifting in real-life :XD )

3- Do you think this computer setup will be totally outdated in 2 years, OR would it still be a ''decent'' system for gaming even for 3 years? (You can't be sure, yeah, but just asking about your estimations).


Thank you in advance for all your answers!

PS! Joking about the uber computer shizzt title, I know there are those of you out there who would put my rusty and her specs to shame;)


  • RidelynnRidelynn Fresno, CAPosts: 5,551Member Rare

    Depends on what your definition of "Decent" is.

    If your looking at compliance, the instant a DX11.1 game comes out (which could be any day, as Windows 8 already has it) - your dual 690GTX's are already obsolete, because Kepler isn't 11.1 complaint.

    Operating system install, such as Windows 7/Windows 8 require around 40G in and to themselves. That's enough space for the files, a bit of swap space, a bit of temporary storage, and cache files. So add that to the size of whatever programs you plan on installing, and I usually double that for good measure, but plan on keeping at least 10% free space (and the more the better, SSDs like free space). It would be better to go with one larger drive than several smaller ones, in my opinion: you don't have files scattered everywhere, you don't have to rely on RAID or HD Volumes to glue them together, you don't have several different points of potential failure, SSDs operate better with more free space, and the price per byte tends to be lower, so you may want to consider a single 512G drive rather than a 240 and a 120.

    If you just randomly install everything to the C: drive, then having a D: drive won't do you any good - you have to be at least 10% smarter than the system your operating, and know how to move the default installation of programs - not hard, but something you have to do.

    The 3930K is based on Sandy Bridge architecture, we're one full generation past that now, and on the verge of yet another (Haswell due out by mid-year). Sure, it may have 6 cores, but that doesn't do you any good unless you have software that can run well on 6 cores, and not much out there does (particularly games, which are stuck in the 2-3 core region for optimal utilization). Your paying a whole lot of money for a 6 core older generation CPU, that won't get you any performance gain gaming at all. You have the money to spend, which is great, but honestly, I wouldn't look past the 3770K (which is the Ivy Bridge current generation quad core), it will give you stock better gaming performance than a 3930k, even with 2 fewer cores. If you don't believe me, check out the Anandtech benchmark comparisons, and pay close attention to the gaming benches near the bottom: the quad core 3770k beats out the 3930k in every game except one, Civ5.

  • tom_goretom_gore TamperePosts: 1,995Member Uncommon

    Not to mention the 3770k costs you around 200 EUR less.

    Sandy Bridge-E is a waste of money for a gamer.

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,392Member Epic

    1)  SSDs are so fast that there's no point in having one SSD for the OS and a different one for applications.  While you could do that for hard drives, good SSDs are about two orders of magnitude faster than good hard drives in the situations where hard drives are slow (i.e., random reads and writes).

    2)  Windows 8 actually isn't that different from Windows 7.  While I'd recommend Windows 8, I'm not inclined to criticize people who have strong opinions one way or the other unless they're really stupid opinions (e.g., "Windows 8 murders puppies").

    3)  The Core i7-3930K is exactly the same chip as the Xeon E5-1650 that you cite.  They merely have different things artificially disabled.  The Xeon probably disables overclocking, for example, while the Core i7 disables ECC memory support.  For consumer use, you'd rather have the Core i7 than the Xeon, as that's the consumer version of what is primarily a server chip.

    4)  Onboard sound is good enough for nearly everyone.  You don't seem to be terribly price-sensitive, but I usually recommend trying onboard sound first, and only buying a discrete sound card if you decide that the onboard sound isn't good enough.  Sound cards don't put out much heat, so integrating them into a motherboard isn't hard to do.


    1)  Wireless is bad, as it's intrinsically unreliable.  You should get a wired mouse unless you absolutely need a wireless one for some reason.

    2)  I would typically recommend that you play the games you want to play because you like those games.  Let's not be quick to praise badly-coded games that find creative ways to run poorly on fairly high end gaming rigs and really need a beast of a system like yours.  You might want to look into high levels of supersample anti-aliasing, though, which you may be able to force through video drivers.

    3)  Outdated can mean a lot of different things.  You probably have a month or so before it's outdated in the sense of "makes no sense at all to buy new".  Nvidia's upcoming GK110 GPU chip will do that, with raw performance in two GPU chips not far shy of what you'll get with four, but the huge advantage that 2-way SLI is a lot more likely to work right than 4-way--and in cases where SLI completely fails to work, a single faster GPU is better than a single slower GPU.

    If you mean outdated in the sense of "really should look into replacing something", then you'd have several years.  Which is about the same as you'd have if you spent $1500 rather than $4000.

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