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Switch from D3 to PoE is hard but worth it..

TorqiaTorqia CopenhagenPosts: 73Member Uncommon

I jused to play alot of D3 and i personaly think its a pretty good game... not d2 good, but good.

I like the fact that they keep working on it and i personaly think its getting better with every patch.

The skills, the mobs, the classes and overall controls of the game is so fluid and i personaly think its a joy slammin' mobs by the 1000's. But one thing kills this game for me. The ecconomy and the items. 

AH was a natural step for Blizz if you think of all the "elligal" sites selling gear for d2 (and spam commercials for theese sites) but man its boring playing the AH game because the chance of finding loot is abysmally small.


Here comes PoE with a gear system second to none.. I have personaly never seen anything this cool in a Arpg EVER!

The economy is working like a charm with the natural sinks and the fact that you can "craft" your own gear (that is actualy usefull) is just so damn sweet.


The Passive skill tree is a bit "cant see the forest for trees" kind of thing... It allways just comes down to what Keystones your going for and picking up what you can on the way.. 

I personaly think it looks alot cooler than it actualy is. 

Gem skill system is absolutely awesome though... totaly makes up for it:)

But the biggest issue i have so far with PoE (comming from D3 mind you) is the response of the keys and targeting mobs, chests and so forth... 

Moveing seems to have  a split second delay after pressing the keys making it feel unresponsive and the hitboxes are rediculessly small making my ranger run towards the mobs more often that actualy shooting at them. (i know i could press shift but it doesnt allways play out like that..)

Both games have pros and cons imho but the switch to PoE definently seems worth it because of one simple thing.. The reason we play these games:  the loot. The loot in PoE is 1000% better than in D3

In my most humble oppinion

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