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$2000 build - Help a Newb!

Deetox_19Deetox_19 Greenfield Park, QCPosts: 1Member

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to buy a pre-built gaming PC which will allow me to play high res games for the next 3-4 years. I expect to play TESO on the highest resolution in addition to some FPS games. I'm a complete newb so I would like your opinion on this build from

BASE PRICE:  $ 2088


Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 Full Tower Gaming Case W/ Side Panel Window [+5]

12in Cold Cathode Neon Light [+10] (Blue Color)

Avermedia Live Gamer HD 1080p Capture and Streaming Hardware Encoder Card

LG 12X Internal Blu-ray Drive & DVDRW, 3D Playback Combo Drive (BLACK COLOR)

Standard Coolant

CPU:Intel® Core™ i7-3820 Quad-Core 3.60 GHz 10MB Intel Smart Cache LGA2011 (All Venom OC Certified)

FAN:Asetek 570LX Liquid Cooling system w/ 240MM Radiator and Dual Fans (Extreme Overclocking Performance + Extreme Silent at 20dBA)

FREE 500GB External Hard Drive with Intel® Core™ i7 or Intel® Core™ i5 based PCs [+0]

FREE $150 Value In-Game Hawken, Planetside 2 and World of Tanks w/ NVIDIA GTX 660 or Above [+0]

HDD:120 GB SAMSUNG 840 Series SATA-III 6.0Gb/s SSD - 530MB/s Read & 130MB/s Write (Single Drive)

HDD2:1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 7200 RPM HDD (Single Drive)

IUSB:Built-in USB 2.0 Ports

KEYBOARD:Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard w/ 5 customizable macro keys [+123]

MEMORY:16GB (4GBx4) DDR3/1600MHz Quad Channel Memory (G.SKILL Ripjaws X)

Razer Goliathus Fragged Standard Mouse Pad - Speed [+17]

MOTHERBOARD:(3-Way SLI/CrossFireX Support) ASUS P9X79 LE Intel X79 Chipset Quad Channel DDR3 ATX w/ Remote GO!, 7.1 HD Audio, GbLAN, 3 Gen3 PCIe X16, 2 PCIe X1 & 1 PCI

Razer Taipan 8200 DPI Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse w/ 4G Dual Sensor [+68]

NETWORK:Onboard Gigabit LAN Network

OS:Microsoft® Windows 8 (64-bit Edition)

OVERCLOCK:No Overclocking

POWERSUPPLY:800 Watts - Standard 80 Plus Certified Power Supply - SLI/CrossFireX Ready



VIDEO:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2GB 16X PCIe 3.0 Video Card (EVGA Superclocked [+0]


How am I looking? Am I missing anything important? Can I get the same from another company for less than $2088? So far I have not found anything.

Thanks for your help!


Best regards,



  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,357Member Epic

    First and most importantly, a "standard" "800 W" power supply for the same price as the low end Antec Basiq 350 W is pretty much guaranteed to be a piece of junk.  You don't want to pay $2000 for a computer and then fry it with an inferior power supply.  From Cyber Power PC's selection, you should get at least a Corsair TX V2.  On your budget, you should at least think about getting a Corsair AX series power supply.  The issue is quality, not wattage.

    Unless you have very unusual needs, you should probably look at an LGA 1155 platform rather than LGA 2011.  The latter is a server platform--and Intel charges server prices for it.  Ivy Bridge cores are a little faster than Sandy Bridge cores at the same clock speed, so a Core i5-3570K (or Core i7-3770K if you want to pay a bunch extra for hyperthreading) would actually be a little faster than what you're looking at, in addition to being a lot cheaper.

    While you do need four memory modules for an LGA 2011 system, if you go with LGA 1155 and want 16 GB of system memory, I'd make it two 8 GB modules rather than four 4 GB modules.

    You should realize that cold cathode lighting is purely for looks and doesn't affect performance.

    A mouse pad is a waste of money unless you want to use the mouse on a transparent or reflective surface.  If a mouse won't work properly without a mouse pad on a typical flat surface, then the problem is that the mouse is defective and a mouse pad won't help.

    I'm not even sure what the capture and hardware streaming encoder card is.  If you know what it is and know that you need it, then have at it.  But if you're not sure what it is, either, then skip it.

    Do you really need a Blu-Ray drive?  Unless you want to watch Blu-Ray movies on your computer or have some unusual needs, save some money and get a cheap DVD burner instead.

  • AoriAori Carbondale, ILPosts: 3,383Member Rare

    If building your own is absolutely impossible to do..

    I'd try to avoid cyberpowerpc and ibuypower, xotic imo is a bit better to go with. Here is what i'm seeing that is wrong.

    You're only getting a 120gb SSD, no name PSU, you're not sure which GPU version you're getting, non overclockable CPU. Razer products aren't the best for longevity, also you tend to be able to get them cheaper seperated. Also are you going to be doing ALOT of encoding, streaming or recording? Otherwise the encoder is useless.

    If you can hunt down a local shop to help build you a PC.

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