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Building a PC for Beta, and school

MageickMageick Daytona Beach, FLPosts: 102Member Uncommon

Just wanted to get some opinions from people what they think would be a good set-up. At the moment in school I am doing alot in photoshop and dreamweaver, also using visual studio 2010 for c++ and SQL Server 2008

I want a system with developing capabilities and something I can run ARR at max.

I also want to be able to 3 monitor set-up using Nvidia Surround, I haven't ever used any ATI products so I am unsure of EyeInfinite

My budget is around $1000-$1500 I don't need monitors or anything just case and hardware.



  • Snowdon_CloudripperSnowdon_Cloudripper Chickasha, OKPosts: 584Member I just got all my parts ordered Saturday should get it all delivered by Wednesday. What I got was a sabertooth R2.0 mobo, AMD vishera 8350 CPU , xfx 3ghz 7970 gpu , and 16gb memory. 128gb SSD , 1tb HDD , blueray rw . 850 PSU. And ntxz case , and windows 8 . Was 1753 now I'm sure you have some components so things will be cheaper for you . My price is a fresh build . Guild Website and Recruitment link

  • Snowdon_CloudripperSnowdon_Cloudripper Chickasha, OKPosts: 584Member
    But you can find great deals there for your price range Guild Website and Recruitment link

  • ZalgabranthZalgabranth Terrace, BCPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    If you live in North America, try checking out They have some pretty good deals and ALOT of stuff. Its where I order a majority of my things.

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