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My thoughts!

JagerbagerJagerbager shitholePosts: 10Member

I am a new player and have played some time to level 15! I have some mixed feeling with this game but is over all happy with it. It's after all a decent good game, with lot of content! The game, is i think as it's best to play as a sith or jedi. the melee combat is more dynamic then the shooter.

The cartoons texture is bad i wish they had skip it. Environment is cool and beautiful but you mostly see your characters, back cause the first person's view is bad done.

I think they who hate this game have put a lot of effort and money into it so they just expect more.

The battle is not the games good side, it is the community!

I think this game should expand more to the community direction.

And to those who have played this to level 50 and complain you sounds like so spoiled, this is after all a free game.

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