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The "delete char after 3 months" policy ruined it for me

rawfoxrawfox HamburgPosts: 749Member Uncommon

hey ^^


just writing this, because a friend of mine broke on the same problem yesterday.

"Normally i get the mail from FoM, but it landed in Google mails spam filter and i didnt saw it, they deleted my char!"

Thats what he said.

He is gone now and will propably not come back, like myself.


FoM isnt really a game, its a playerdriven microcosmos.

You can exists with a virtual reality inside a player driven world full of politics and actions, crime and police, drugs and murdering.


You have to log on at least 1 time in 3 months, else you get deleted.

Its normally not a big deal, characters can be made new, but its not the same anymore then.

I tryed it before but it was impossible to me, to just replace my original character.


No idea why they do that, but i think it is wrong, characters should not get deleted after a time.

This policy has cost FoM a lot of players and i think its one of the reasons, the game isnt worth talking about at all.


When it was beta and launched, it was a very cool game, but it can only be alive if there is players, playing it.

They delete their own players.

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