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Help please!

TraxousTraxous Aventura, FLPosts: 8Member Uncommon
To get my beta key i just need to know the title of the Natural Selection 2 Review from issue 236 page 98 of PC Gamer. Thanks in advance!


  • OziiusOziius Baltimore, MDPosts: 1,394Member Uncommon
    that doesn't necessarily give you a key... I got a horse. 
  • rmk70rmk70 Toronto, ONPosts: 398Member Uncommon
    link to contest?
  • TraxousTraxous Aventura, FLPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    no i got the sub to PC gamer but i cant look at february issue but i can get my code if i can find out this info:D
  • BrachusBrachus Taneytown, MDPosts: 96Member Uncommon
    The key does give you an in-game mount, but it also gets you into Beta...eventually. My understanding is that different groups will get into the Beta at different times and I don't believe they have announced yet what weekend will be open for those with the PC Gamer keys.
  • IkedaIkeda Largo, FLPosts: 2,452Member Uncommon
    You should purchase PC gamer.  As there is an entire thread on getting the magazine for free, I am under the assumption you are trying to illicitly circumvent the required system.
  • TraxousTraxous Aventura, FLPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    Fair enuff, would still love if any1 has Issue 236 of PC gamer if they could tell me the info i asked either way:D
  • augustgraceaugustgrace Cottonwood, CAPosts: 624Member Uncommon

    DARWINNING  - put in    darwinning

    When I entered for my code on the pc gamer site, it required the answer to be in all LOWER case, which I and others had to discover through trial and error

  • OziiusOziius Baltimore, MDPosts: 1,394Member Uncommon

    MMORPG got it wrong. I read through and didn't see anything about getting into Beta. It list an in game item only with a chance at beta. 



    "All (digital, newsstand, and subscriber) copies of the issue include a key to randomly receive one of two exclusive Neverwinter horse mounts. Check page 98 for redemption instructions"



    EDIT: Mayhaps I'm wrong as it appears on the Neverwinter forums they did say it gives beta access - My apologies!

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