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A few Questions

sodade21sodade21 athensPosts: 349Member Uncommon

I posted the same Questions in The Elder scrolls online forum thread.... :


Are they gonna have Open World PvP of some sort (even with pvp turn on and off) or gonna be like GW2 WvWvW?


The Combat gonna be Tab targeting (wow alike), true Action fps style (like Darkfall) or semi action that you hardly can miss (Tera alike) ?


How Alive the world Gonna be? There gonna be World  live pve events like Rifts in Rift and GW2?


How many Classes there gonna be on launch? 


The skill advancment gonna be like it was on Skyrim?  use skill lvl up skill etc..?


What gonna be the Death Penalty on pve and pvp..?


Gonna have Dungeon Raids?


What about Big World Bosses..?


How big part gonna have in the world the founters mod editor and custom content? can be part of the whole Lore of the game or it gonna be more like bside stories/quests like fillers in the game..?

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