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The State of Diablo 3 Podcast with RTG Sibcoe and Dred

SibcoeSibcoe Fremont, CAPosts: 60Member

Hi Diablo Fans -

I wanted to share with you the latest State of Diablo 3 Podcast with RTG Sibcoe and Dred.  Today we are talking about:

The State of Diablo 3 with RTG Sibcoe and Dred

Barbarians are OP?
Auction House problems
Diablo 3 Expansion
1.1 Patch
Current state of the game community
and much more.

Check it out and let us know what you think, and don't forget to play it while farming for some good luck finding those sweet legendaries :)  


EDIT: Fixed the typo in the thumb - don't know why it was showing the old one.  I also apologize for the same typo in the podcast body, most of you listen while farming anyways, not much to watch, but I feel bad about it anyways.  Sorry :)  I appreciate your understanding.  Cheers 0/

Cheers 0/

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