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Snowdon_CloudripperSnowdon_Cloudripper Chickasha, OKPosts: 584Member Common

I finaly was able to get my old HNM videos i made off my ipod and redownloaded them to youtube. The videos are of 3 HNMs that were in FFXIV V1 PRE auto-attack ( witch i liked best tbh) The 3 HNMs i kept are Bloatbelly (HNM goblin) Mosshorn (HNM Billygoat) and Uraeus ( HNM Pesite ) i had the great buffalo and the eye cant remember his name but erased them : (

Anyways enjoy the 3 videos and just a heads up i do have music with my videos so if you dont like it turn off your volume

Videos are speed up for time , full screen is NOT a great option to watch the videos in due to the fact i pulled them off my ipod and processed them then reprocess them again ,  you can change to 1080 ,This also shows us doing Battle regiments ( V1s failed attempt at WS chains )  OK OK enjoy : ) Haughtpox Bloat Belly ( we incapacitationed him  when it slows down if you can read the chat log ) Elder Mosshorn ( another incapacitation took off his horns  easy to see) Uraeus ( long fight but fun Minato was a great tank for us )


Video also shows abilities i used as a lancer stacking


Also just wanted to add i play with a controller so you can see i cycle my abilities and attacks hella fast lol Guild Website and Recruitment link


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