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Camelot Unchained: Mark Jacobs Announces Camelot Unchained

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,962MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Mark Jacobs and his City State Entertainment studio have announced that a new Kickstarter campaign has been launched to fund the first game in what's being titled "Tri-Realm MMORPG". Tentatively titled "Camelot Unchained", the game will give players an opportunity to revisit the Arthurian legend reimagined in an MMO.

The core concept for the new MMORPG focuses tightly on three key elements, RvR, housing and a true player-owned economy. The central conflict encompasses a trio of diverse, competing realms - Arthurian, Tuatha Dé Danann and Viking - each seeking to assert its dominance over an open and persistent world reflecting the universally familiar but greatly re-imagined Camelot and European mythos. All aspects of this RvR-focused MMORPG are tied into and support the three realms' ongoing battle for superiority and control. The player housing and crafting systems will also be very significant components and both key closely into the RvR theme. 

Find out more by reading our exclusive Camelot Unchained developer blog. Check out the official Camelot Unchained page as well.



  • PalanorPalanor Vnersborg, AKPosts: 46Member Uncommon
    Oh My God. The unofficial DAoC 2? If so... YES PLEASE!

    Nerf rock, paper is fine -Scissor

  • RuppichRuppich BerlinPosts: 29Member Uncommon
  • GrootGroot OKC, OKPosts: 87Member Uncommon
    Please god, don't mess this up Mark.  Pleaaaaseeeeeee.
  • AvisonAvison Orlando, FLPosts: 350Member
    I'm interested to see how this one unfolds.

  • Stuka1000Stuka1000 Posts: 948Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Palanor
    Oh My God. The unofficial DAoC 2? If so... YES PLEASE!

     Well the three factions are the same, just named differently  Arthurian = Albion   Tuatha = Hibernia  Viking = Midgard.  My fear here is that they do not create anything remotely like a DAOC 2 but rather just re-release something like the original DAOC with all the bits that MJ still owns thrown in.  Different name, new lick of paint and away you go.

  • Rthuth434Rthuth434 uniondale, NYPosts: 346Member
    there goes TESO.
  • GrayGhost79GrayGhost79 Webster, MAPosts: 4,775Member Uncommon
    This could be interesting. With it being on Kickstarter we get to avoid publisher control and changes hopefully. 
  • NC-JohnNC-John burlington, WIPosts: 113Member
    This sounds interesting...

    "Not even a cray super computer can make this game run well. Thats what happens when you code an MMO in pascal. " - miglor

  • GoldenArrowGoldenArrow Posts: 1,185Member Uncommon

    If this doesn't get funded I don't know what will :j

    PvP-MMORPG without the stinking PvE?


  • dinamsdinams Muriae, VAPosts: 1,362Member

    While, yes it is DAoC 2, it is mostly a indie mmo

    and im quite jaded about those

    "It has potential"
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    "It sucks"
    -Most used phrase on existence

  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare

    Looks like it's going to be time for us DAOC fans to put our money where our mouth is. :)


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  • IlayaIlaya BochumPosts: 447Member Uncommon


    As an old DaoC Fart i have to say that this sounds just "to good" to be true.


  • AeonbladesAeonblades Home, GAPosts: 2,083Member
    Still dissappointed this isn't DAoC free to play announcement.

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  • VorthanionVorthanion Laguna Vista, TXPosts: 2,472Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by GoldenArrow
    If this doesn't get funded I don't know what will :j PvP-MMORPG without the stinking PvE? Mindblowing.

    DAoC had a RvR focus as well, but it certainly had very significant PvE content too.  Other than shallow, play for 30 minute games like Planetside 2, you aren't going to find a real MMO that will do well without PvE content.


  • winterwinter El Paso, TXPosts: 2,281Member Uncommon
     I'll pass. We have TESO coming and I for one don't feel the need to play DAoC with a new coat of paint and all the problems of Trails of Atlantis still forced on us as part of the MJ vision.
  • boxsndboxsnd Kraxton, ARPosts: 438Member Uncommon
    ESO, AA, and now this. 2013 is gonna be awesome!

    DAoC - Excalibur & Camlann

  • DaxamarDaxamar Green Cove Springs, FLPosts: 579Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by boxsnd
    ESO, AA, and now this. 2013 is gonna be awesome!

    Awesome, indeed! +1

  • pwainpwain dortmundPosts: 115Member Uncommon
    100$ from my side
  • BattlerockBattlerock Youngstown, OHPosts: 1,393Member Common
    Can we bring back Rolemaster Magestorm as well ? This looks pretty good and I'm glad they are releasing it on xbox too its about time consoles get some love.
  • exile01exile01 arePosts: 701Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Daxamar
    Originally posted by boxsnd
    ESO, AA, and now this. 2013 is gonna be awesome!

    Awesome, indeed! +1

    Except this game will come out in maybe 4 years. Pathfinder online anyone? estimated release 2017.

  • DaxamarDaxamar Green Cove Springs, FLPosts: 579Member Uncommon
    2017 will also be a good year, then. :)
  • kishekishe aitooPosts: 2,002Member Uncommon

    Unofficial sequel to DAoC?



  • WightyWighty Westbury, NYPosts: 699Member Uncommon

    Mark Jacobs said it best re: F2P vs Subscription! I really wish ALL game developers thought this way!

    What business model (i.e., free-to-play, buy to play, subscription) are you looking at for this game?

    Multi-tiered subscription with no free-to-play option but with (maybe) some cosmetic items for housing. I think F2P and buy-to-play have their places, but we are trying to create a very niche-oriented MMORPG that won't benefit from using those models. I'd rather have 30K people paying and playing monthly than hundreds of thousands playing for free and hope to convert 5%. This game is geared to doing one thing spectacularly, and that one thing is RvR. I believe there is a core group of players who have been waiting for this type of game, and our Kickstarter campaign will either prove or disprove this notion.


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  • kosackosac Bakov nad JizerouPosts: 197Member Uncommon
    ohh yess! but please not oldschool classes >:)
  • Ice-QueenIce-Queen USA, GAPosts: 2,451Member Uncommon

    Please take your time and do it right Mr. Jacobs. Remember why we loved DAOC back before Trials of Atlantis.

    Some of those being....

    RvR, No instanced Dungeons, No Gear Grind, Great Crafting, A live NON-INSTANCED world to explore, Darkness Falls, Multiple Classes to choose from (No Mirrored crap--Yes harder to balance but it was better), Real Dragons!


    What happens when you log off your characters????.....
    Dark Age of Camelot

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