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RODE ( Rise of Dragonian Era ) worth trying

sparrsparr east liverpool, OHPosts: 48Member

I found out about this game just a few days ago and i enjoy it.

Im not much for FTP games...but most games out there are boring and to easy..nothing to do.RODE may not be the end all game for me but its enjoyable and has many things to do in it.

If you like fishing, dungeons and even dragons as may like this one..they even have pvp..though i havent tried that out yet..cause there is so much to do..

About the dragon start out by doing a quest to get a egg and a relic..and you have to hunt with those and feed them armor and weapons to build loyalty..then you combine them at a priest to make a dragon hatchling. once you do that you have to start building it loyalty ..there is alot of steps and grinding you have to do to get your dragon to full size so you can use him as a mont , and even fight with him.

 Its worth a try while waiting on the next decent game to show up this year....i know im enjoying it so far..for the past 20 lvls..try it out .

Be sure to join the New server..its listed as New,,i think its been up for 1 or 2 months now.


  • fernetekfernetek North Adams, MAPosts: 61Member
    And here I was thinking somebody had made a Dragonlance MMO.
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