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Elysian is Recruiting! (Undecided Faction,Veteran-Core PvE/PvP/Social)

Malus38Malus38 Coralville, IAPosts: 4Member


A decade old guild, Elysian, has re-launched for Elder Scrolls Online! Our recruitment has just opened for all exceptional applicants.


Our faction is still to be decided, if you're not interested in a guild who is thinking over the decision still, stay tuned as we will be picking one soon!



Time Zones: More friendly to Central than others.

Type of Guild: Veteran-core/Hardcore PvE/PvP.


Elysian is a veteran gaming guild formed in 2002 and has survived many iterations and games. The founders and leaders hail back from days of Ultima Online, Asheron’s Call, and Everquest and have led guilds starting in World of Warcraft and beyond. Elysian has always been a guild that excels at providing a highly competitive and skill oriented environment to its members.


If you are looking to be apart of something big and think you have the dedication required to join, please apply today on our website!





  • Malus38Malus38 Coralville, IAPosts: 4Member
    Even if you aren't looking for a guild feel free to stop by and check out our guild site and our forums =P
  • Malus38Malus38 Coralville, IAPosts: 4Member
    Still taking applications!  We will be around later in our vent if you wish to hang out and chat or put your applications in today to get into our next round of interviews!
  • Malus38Malus38 Coralville, IAPosts: 4Member

    Hello Everyone! We are starting to roll in the apps and have been actively interviewing people most nights!

    Community is growing fast so please come check out or new website (which looks amazing) and come poke around!

    We have alot of hardcore pvp’ers (like myself) Looking for other skilled pvper’s to join us for some skullcrushing!

    We also have some great PVE’ers that live for the dungeon crawl!

    Come be apart of a guild that’s been around for over 10 years, Has a Leadership set up that has NEVER failed, and filled with members that stem back from UO and have played nearly every MMO that’s come onto the market since.

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