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Todays Quest: Liang in a half hour.

GrayKodiakGrayKodiak Nada, FLPosts: 576Member

Today I am going to see how much liang I chengdu only...with a level 1 trade skill with no extra recipies....

Let us see how this goes...

11:47 game time - Stepped into Chengdu checked the stalls found this

300 wen a pop? Just what I am looking for moving to the farmer to get the silk worm egg


1150- autopathed to the wrong npc but on the way decided to make

The ingredients are a little easier so I am at the farmer now buying up some hemp seeds as well as worm seeds

1203- in game time

planted a butload of hemp

ended up with 73 pieces of hemp.

moving to silk worm stands

1207 game time-

limited number of silk worm stand means this is going to be where my time bottle necks...I also forgot to get medicine and food probably run back to farmer.

1212- Not much time left only got 3 of the 5 worms I orignally planted due to no food. Ran back to farmer having a second go at it.

1235- Had enough to make 29 pieces of nine cloud...for a total take of 9 liang...


Verdict: Making 9 cloud is not as good as mining silver or hunting various animal parts as far as profit per time spent goes, though it is possible I could have made more had I set up a stall instead of settling for the low market price. Even then the stall price is 600 wen on average so I would have been looking at 35-40 liang per 50 minutes...meh

 If I was brand new this would be enough to get me into enough food to eat for the week, or a non upgraded piece of armor which I see in chengdu for 15 liang at 37 def, definately not as much as 30 minutes in script stealing CAN get you but I guess this is definate and instant  liang where as script stealing can be hit and miss and you have to find a buyer.

 All in all this was thirty minutes of work and some of my time was taken up with taking screen shots and I didn't have a horse.

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