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ArconaArcona VanlosePosts: 1,182Member Uncommon

 february 2nd interview with Stephen Reid:

ARPGamer: Will the game go into open beta before Marvel Heroes official spring release? Do you have a date that it will come into effect?

Stephen: We probably won’t do an Open Beta in the traditional sense, but there will be large scale events to allow a lot of people to play. Those will be announced when they’re finalized… and obviously they’ll be pre-launch.


Gazilion Entertainment interview, january 22

David Brevik: There a lot of concepts from Diablo II that have made their way into Marvel Heroes, but most of it centers on gameplay. We have skill trees, random levels, random loot, unique and champion monsters, waypoints, and many other fundamentals of Diablo II. That said, we also are adding a lot to the Diablo II formula. We have public combat zones, which allow 25+ people to run around and fight together. We have many more character classes (26 announced so far). We have end-game activities that never existed in Diablo II and many other tricks up our sleeves.



  • theniffrigtheniffrig DublinPosts: 351Member Uncommon

    Good finds!

    "Lastly, here is your chance to sell everyone on Marvel Heroes, go!:

    Leo Olebe: Marvel Heroes is Ultimate Alliance, Diablo 2, and X-Men Legends all rolled into one tasty sweet action RPGMMO package of awesome. If you’re a fan of Diablo I and II and of the Marvel Universe, then you need to check Marvel Heroes out. Like in the Diablo series, imagine yourself rampaging through the Marvel Universe (Hell’s Kitchen, Avenger’s Tower, etc.) as your favorite hero.

    As you progress through the game, you pick up tons of loot and can team up with your friends as you take on the likes of bosses like Electro and Task Master. You’re working to ultimately stop Doctor Doom from wreaking havoc on the world with the Cosmic Cube. Best of all, you can experience all of this for free!"

    Hopefully they'll send out more Beta keys soon! Especially for those who already purchased one of their Founder Packs!

  • ArconaArcona VanlosePosts: 1,182Member Uncommon

    February 7 interview with David Brevik

    Brevik is particularly excited about an upcoming patch that should roll out in mid-February 2013.

    “There’s a lot that is going to be in this patch. It adds another chapter-plus in content, a revamp of the UI, new characters, new heroes to play, a bunch of new costumes, a costume crafting system, plus some other stuff that’s under the hood and not as obvious,” he reveals. “We did some optimization so there’s a wider range of machines that can run the game. We also changed… the client-server syncing to make [the game] more lag-tolerant.”


    wish I had $200 to burn :)

  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,698Member Rare
    Originally posted by Arcona

    wish I had $200 to burn :)

    The game is F2P. You can still play it.

    So far i am quite cautiously optimistic. Sounds like a fun game. I dunno if it will have legs like D3, but it looks like i can play it at least like a fun ARPG for a while.

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