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What's a good video card for under $100?

bonobotheorybonobotheory Seattle, WAPosts: 1,007Member Uncommon

I'm slowly upgrading this old computer, starting with the video card (it's already preventing me from playing some of the games I want to play).

I currently have:

Asus M4A77TD motherboard

Athlon II X2 240


GeForce 7800 GT

500W PSU

Windows XP


I plan on getting new CPU, mobo, memory, and OS later, but that will have to be all at once.

Needless to say, I'm used to some pretty low-res gaming with the 7800 GT. I'm leaning toward the GeForce GTX550 Ti, if I can find one for under a hundred bucks.  But I'd go with a lower end card if the savings was worth it. I don't do a hell of a lot of gaming anymore, but I'd like to try out some of the newer games even if I have to turn down the eye candy.


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