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First Build Help

KlempedKlemped Hamburg, PAPosts: 3Member

CPU: Intel Core i7- 3770k Ivy Bridge

Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth Z77

Video Card: GeForce GTX 670

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB)

Hard Drive: Seagate 3TB SATA

Power Supply: Corsair Hx Series 750W

Case: Cooler Master HAF X


Again I'm looking for any advice out there. Im a heavy gamer so this build is all about the gaming.I don't have an SSD card picked out yet so advice on that would be great.



  • RecoreRecore Posts: 7,076Member Epic

    Looks good but you can probaly go cheaper on some stuff and still have a kick ass system.  Dont know alot about the SSD brands but I love my G. Skill Phoenix. Most say go with the I5 3570K though if you building a gaming rig. The motherboard seems a bit pricey also. Someone can probaly recommend you something cheaper like a MSI, Gigabyte or ASRock if you are not just dead set on the Sabertooth. As for video cards I know the 660 TI is also good and cheaper.





  • AoriAori Carbondale, ILPosts: 3,381Member Rare
    Whats your budget?
  • KlempedKlemped Hamburg, PAPosts: 3Member
    $1700 - 1800
  • jdnewelljdnewell Spring Hill, TNPosts: 2,151Member Uncommon

    I would personally drop down to an I5 unless you have special needs that require hyper threading, or you just want to say " I have an I 7".

    The motherboard is a good one, but more than most people need. Are you going for high Overclocks, SLI  system? Nothing wrong with it for sure, but for most needs a bit cheaper one will do.

    Do you need 3tb or storage space on an HDD>? If not then drop down to a 2tb and apply the money elsewhere.

    I would change those 3 things and get a bigger SSD. Something like a Samsung 840 250gb.

    The build you listed looks good overall, pricey, but good. Add an SSD and aftermarket cpu cooler and you should be golden.


  • KlempedKlemped Hamburg, PAPosts: 3Member

    Im definitly going to overclock. I im also going to only get a 1tb hard drive now and spend the money on a good ssd. the budget is all depending on my tax return which i figure will get me at least $500,i also just sold my old computer for $1000.So the budget could be $2000+ but i don't think that will be necessary;). I plain on geting a water cooling system in the near future (month or two).Or is that not a good option.The build that i posted will come under $1500..


    Thanks for all the advice though I really appreciate it.


    Edit - I think Im going to change my motherboard from the sabertooth to the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 which will save me $100.

    Tell me if that is a good move or not,Thanks

  • jdnewelljdnewell Spring Hill, TNPosts: 2,151Member Uncommon

    Add a Samsung 840 SSD and if you want " water cooling " add a Corsair H60 / H80 while your building. Much easier that way instead of adding one later.

    The ASrock mobo you picked out should fit the bill nicely. Maybe not for extreme overclocking but an easy 4.5 or so should be no problem.

    Anything over $1500 or so your just spending money for incremental gains. You could always spend it on something like a bigger SSD, a blu Ray burner instead of a DvD/ CD burner, a 680 instead of a 670, ect. if you just wanted to spend it. IMO the I7 is a bit over kill for a gaming computer, I5 will do just as well in regards to gaming and be $100 cheaper or so.

    I personally use Blu Ray optical drives in boh of my PCs because I use them. Many people dont or wont have a use for blu ray on a PC. You do have some choices for upgrades if you want to spend the cash tho.

    I might go with what you have listed except

    - I7 to an I5

    same Mobo

    Corsair H80 cooling

    Blu Ray drive

    680? depending on budget

    Bigger SSD maybe?


    Just a few ideas

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