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Army of Darkness Recruiting

jcl2399jcl2399 Shiremanstown, PAPosts: 8Member Uncommon
Good evening everyone I wanted to see if anyone would like to join a casual group.  I have our website up and a mumble site ready to go.  This is all prepped and ready to go for the beta testing and when the game goes live.  I am looking for people who are older than 17 plus families that also want to play with their kids.  I am also looking for members to help with expanding our group.  Since I work in IT I have more time to dedicate towards making sure the website is updated regularly.  Please let me know your thoughts and if you would like anything added or changed.
Thanks and looking forward to seeing all of you in game!


  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Beaumont, CAPosts: 1,890Member Uncommon
    wrong forum? Your site is all ESO, not POE
  • jcl2399jcl2399 Shiremanstown, PAPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    No we play all games just because the background has and ESO picture does not mean its only ESO.  I currently play POE with a couple friends of mine.  So whats wrong with seeing if anyone else would like to join?
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