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Which server has RP on it?

kokopuffkokopuff P, RIPosts: 94Member
Thinking of resubbing.


  • paladin016paladin016 piscataway, NJPosts: 27Member

    Faeblight i believe. On the shard select it says what servers are, ex: PvP, PvE, RP


    The game gets really dull. I have played it from the first day it came out, and i quit after hitting 59 on the expansion. I was disappointed on the changes. I liked the vanilla better.

  • AeonbladesAeonblades Home, GAPosts: 2,083Member
    Faeblight is the US RP server, and I know it has a fairly large community of roleplayers, especially with the addition of dimensions. Players have created some truly cool RP areas with them. Good luck if you decide to play there, hope you enjoy it :)

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  • TerranahTerranah Stockton, CAPosts: 3,605Member

    I just joined Faeblight.  They have RP there.  It helps to join a guild for sure, getting a lot more out of the game.  Unfortunately my guild is not an RP guild per se, but they are very helpful.  I'm glad they added me to their numbers.


    I've rp'd with random poeple I've met on my travels.  They seemed to be open to it and rp'd right back.  It was a nice change.

  • kokopuffkokopuff P, RIPosts: 94Member
    Faeblight so far has been good, fast pvp pops and lots of RP. Although mainly in the dimensions, which are cool.
  • AcidonAcidon Salem, ORPosts: 797Member
    Originally posted by kokopuff
    Faeblight so far has been good, fast pvp pops and lots of RP. Although mainly in the dimensions, which are cool.

    Dimensions seems like the logical next step for RPing.  They can take a piece of the world, tailor it to their story, and not be bothered by the jerks that also reside on the RP server for some reason.  I imagine it's a lot of fun.

    I don't personally RP.  Hell, I'm not even on that server.  But I love the game and enjoy my dimension..  Those with vertigo should not visit it though.

    Anyway, best of luck to you.  Hope you're having a good time.

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