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fldashfldash Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 227Member

I cannot find the topic, but someone posted about not wanting to keep unbound silver on them because of being scammed? How does that work? I can't find the post though I swear I just read it earlier today... He talked about triggered a few random encounters and one time he didn't have enough money on him because he was worried about it...

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  • stragen001stragen001 ReadingPosts: 1,720Member Uncommon
    I think it was something to do with a bug in the divination skill taking silver that wasnt agreed on. If you dont go to a diviner(?) then you should be OK

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  • DashiDMVDashiDMV Not Saying, QCPosts: 362Member

    Yeah that was me. Basically when someone divines you they can choose for you to pay in silver coins(npc money) or Silver(player traded money) . You are supposed to see the charges but the bug makes the total show up as blank.

    It's actually pretty easy to avoid. Just refuse when thery do it or ask them to set up a stall where you get to pick between the 2 demoninations. I just felt bad because I know how hard it is to level up the skill and ended up getting scammed. It's 100% on me so don't worry about making the mistake by accident you have to say yes like 2 times to have money actually taken out of your account.


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