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What new class…

MMOExposedMMOExposed lalal land, DCPosts: 6,563Member Uncommon

There was an interesting thread over on the forums, that perhaps we could also share in the dicussion without causing Anet any issues.

But what new class are you looking for or want? here the original thread below.



  …would you make? Sure we have eight unique professions already, but that’s not to say there aren’t gaps if you look hard enough. What I mean to say is, what new class (if you had the ability) would you add to the game and why? Imagine that a developer has opened his/her own thread on new class suggestions and this is what you’d put. This is a loose discussion and is meant for purely generating ideas. Post with as much intricacy or bare-minimum requirements as you want. NEW: This thread is not about bugs and current class flaws, this is about new classes and ideas. If you want to discuss that, bring it up on a different thread or collaborate on an existing discussion. Thank you. Format: Class Name:
Class Type:
Weapons of choice:
General gist/ miscellaneous: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Current Tally (as of 1/10/2013): Shapeshifter: 2
Tactician: 1
Bard: 7
Druid: 2
Golemancer: 2
Chronomancer: 1
Battlemage: 2
Priest: 1
Void Knight: 1
Risen Knight/ Reaver: 3
Monk: 2
Mystic Knight: 1
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Class name: Oscillmancer (Name also debatable) Class Type: Light Weapons of Choice: Warhorn (Main and Off Hand), Scepter (Main Hand), Focus (Off Hand), and Rifle. Trident for underwater. General Gist/ miscellaneous: This game has shouts, but that’s about it in terms of vocal enhancements. A class that would be based around various sounds and pitches would both be viable and likely a tremendous job for the audio department. Whether it’s firing off attacks in a cone-like shape (Warhorn) or using short-ranged sound bursts (Rifle ironically); whether it’s creating sound waves (scepter) or creating sound barriers (focus), there’s room for sounds. Your main mechanic is actually keeping in rhythm with your own character. There is a bar that is green but fades to red on both ends. Some skills increase tempo while others decrease; the main goal would be to keep the note in the center as much as possible. If it enters the red, your attacks begin to suffer in damage accordingly. If you keep in the blue- the closer to center the better- you’re rewarded. My only idea on function keys would be to have one function key on one side of the bar and another function key on the other side which would help keep the balance if you used them. Honestly, this class could function without that and I urge them for it. Keeping an eye on the bar for long fights would be hassle enough. Of course, removing yourself from combat restores the tempo and healing/ utility skills could help (or possibly hinder) you as well. Seeing as this is just a general idea, I’d imagine the utilities to be categorized as such: Signets (Of course)
Instruments (The skill must be held down and you cannot move while using them but certain affects become apparent while being channeled.)
Tempo (Assisting your tempo bar while offering boons)
Resonations (Certain echoes that cause bodily harm to your opponent (Like ears bleeding))
Songs (Support utility) Elites:
Perfect Rhythm (Gain quickness and centered tempo for a short time)
Piano (Hold down that button for an amazing rift.)
(Max)Off Beat (Becoming severely off balance helps you tremendously) If I had to add one kind of class, that’s what I’d do. What would you add?  


What can you come up with?



  • DaezAsterDaezAster new york, NYPosts: 788Member Uncommon
    Would like to see a gunslinger class that could use dual pistols similair to the thief and rifle similair to engineer or warrior. More of a rapid shot run and gun hybrid.
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