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New Let's Play HC Marauder

ComewithgComewithg SwanseaPosts: 6Member

Hi all :)


Just a heads up on my Path Of Exile let's play on hardcore hope you enjoy.


links of 2 part follow:


part 1

part 2






  • ComewithgComewithg SwanseaPosts: 6Member

     Hey all ,

    Part 3 here hope you all enjoy






  • ComewithgComewithg SwanseaPosts: 6Member

    Part 4

    and Part 5


  • MuppetierMuppetier SouthamptonPosts: 278Member Uncommon
  • Cod_EyeCod_Eye jarrowPosts: 1,016Member
    More episodes than Dallas. lol
  • ComewithgComewithg SwanseaPosts: 6Member
    Originally posted by Cod_Eye
    More episodes than Dallas. lol

    Dalles is back for more episodes lol


    Part 6 here hope you like:)



  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Beaumont, CAPosts: 1,776Member Uncommon

    cool channel bud, will check out more when I have time

    I like that your videos are just regular people, not these hardcore gaming videos of the pros

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